University Mail Services Information

Please be aware of and adhere to the following information as it will help us serve you.

Mail Services oversees the operation and distribution of the University’s mail and packages.

  1. Mail Services current hours are Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified.
  2. Mail Services only accepts cash. We apologize we are not set up to accept checks or debit cards.
  3. To ensure campus mail is not metered, please separate campus mail from off-campus mail and attach a dated postal transmittal slip to all off-campus mail (accounting purposes).
  4. Make sure all outgoing metered mail, especially 400 pieces or more, is received by 2:30 p.m*. to ensure processing that day. *Please be sure it is received earlier if we are set to close early.
  5. Use the correct box number (not phone extensions) on interdepartmental envelopes and cross out last office used.
  6. When dropping off metered mail in the slot, please make sure mail is bound together, facing the same direction and has a dated and signed postal transmittal slip attached.

Mail Services: Mail Services provides professional customer service when you purchase postage stamps, pick up department mail, mail first class items and/or mail items using Priority Mail. You are encouraged to use the convenient drop slots before/after hours for stamped, metered and campus mail. These slots are located near the window of Mail Services and the hallway across from the bookstore. You may purchase envelopes (see prices below) and/or use our Easy Permit Postage Program (see below). You may also rent a mailbox for personal use. Please contact Mail Services at ext. 7408 for rental rates. We maintain a supply of interdepartmental envelopes available upon request. Mail Services also provides free window envelopes upon request and maintains a limited supply of free boxes for your mailing needs. We apologize we are not set up to accept debit/credit cards. We only accept cash.

Receiving: Please refer to Receiving Information

Easy Permit Postage Program: Mail Services is enrolled in Pitney Bowes (PB) Easy Permit Postage Program. This program includes non-profit/bulk mail, business reply mail and postage due mail. We will now be billed by PB for any activity on these permit accounts instead of having to keep open accounts at Bluecutt. If you use any of these services, please be sure to contact Mail Services at ext. 7408 to obtain the Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) account number PRIOR to going to Bluecutt.

Bulk Mail: Please refer to Bulk/Non-Profit Mailing

Express Mail: When Express Mail is received at Bluecutt General Mail Facility, it is stamped with the Head Mail Clerk’s signature, not their actual signature as they are not a Bluecutt employee. Once the Express Mail arrives on campus, Mail Services personnel and the driver confirm the mail. It is then logged in a book and depending on the size, placed in the appropriate box. If the item is too large, a package pick up slip is put in the appropriate box.

Tracking Mail: Tracking mail/packages can confirm when the package has left Bluecutt, however, there is no way to track packages from Bluecutt to MUW. We rely on a driver (who has several stops) to deliver all mail/packages. Once the mail reaches Mail Services, it is distributed upon arrival. Mail Services can’t be held responsible for lost mail/packages that were never received, but all mail received is distributed as quickly as possible.

Mail Insurance: When online shopping, we strongly encourage the purchase of liability insurance for all packages. Insurance coverage only covers the actual value of mail contents. You may purchase up to $5,000 indemnity coverage in person at the Downtown Post Office or online. The Price is based on declared value starting at $2.10. Visit the following link for more information.

USPS Extra Fees and Services

Mail Services strives to provide professional customer service and distribute all mail/packages received in a timely manner. Mail Services isn’t responsible for lost mail/packages that were never received. However, all mail received is distributed as quickly as possible. USPS delivers mail in the morning and picks it up in the evening.