Upperclassman Residents

Your Home Away From Home

Upperclassmen refer to students in their sophomore, junior, and senior year.

Each year we welcome around 550 students to the on-campus community.

Research across the United States over the last 40 years has provided compelling evidence that students who live in university-provided housing perform better academically, and enjoy a higher degree of satisfaction with their college experience, than students who live off-campus or commute.

A student who lives in The W’s residence halls is more likely to:

  • Take full advantage of campus resources.
  • Be more involved in campus activities and educational programs.
  • Complete more credit hours per semester.
  • Achieve greater academic success.
  • Complete their studies and attain their degree.
  • Be more satisfied with the overall university experience.
Two men study in residence hall

Living Learning Communities

Nursing Learning Community

Located in Callaway and Columbus Halls, this community provides current ASN and BSN nursing students an opportunity to live and study together. By participating in the Nursing Community, students will boost their chances of academic success, get to know their classmates better, build lasting friendships, and have the opportunity to broaden their experiences.

Nursing Community

Social & Greek Community

This community, housed in Callaway and Columbus Halls, offers current members of social and Greek organizations the opportunity to live as part of their affinity group while promoting the pillars of social organizations: scholarship, leadership, and service. Placement into this community is coordinated through social and Greek councils each spring.

Greek & Social

Residential Honors Program

A freshman and sophomore community, located in Grossnickle Hall, the RHP offers a classic living learning experience for students who are part of the Ina E. Gordy Honors College. Through coordinated class scheduling, study abroad, faculty interaction, and peer mentorship, this LLC supports students in their academic pursuits.

Residential Honors

Upperclassman Residence Halls


Women Only

Victorian elegance with all the modern amenities. Callaway is home to the female upperclassmen residents.

Men Only

A historical home with plenty of modern amenities. Columbus is home to our Male Upperclassmen residents.

Co-Ed Hall

An elegant, coeducational academic living community. Grossnickle is home to Residential Honors Program.

Women Only

Spacious and inviting suites on North Campus. Hastings-Simmons is home to our Female Upperclassmen.

Women Only

Convenience and modern amenities. Jones is home to female upperclassmen and freshmen residents.