Housing and Residence Life strives to provide a safe, comfortable, and affordable student-centered community that promotes human awareness, in addition to the personal development and academic success of each student.


  • Promote safety consciousness and ensure for the safety and security of all residents and facilities.
  • Offer an exceptional level of customer service that respects the diversity of all people.
  • Guarantee quality cost-effective measures in the development of programs, events, services, resources.
  • Provide programs and events which promote responsibility, accountability as well as social/emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and diversity development.
  • Develop policies and processes that can be measured and evaluated.


Housing and Residence Life has outlined the following goals:

  • Increase enrollment of students living in the residence halls.
  • Maintain the appearance of all residential facilities.
  • Develop and implement a sound programming model that supports the learning objectives of the university.
  • Cultivate services and resources that appeal to students and remain competitive in the technology market.
  • Foster the development of new learning communities within the halls.
  • Strengthen relationships with community agencies, such as the police and fire department to train Housing staff and deepen safety knowledge amongst residential students.
  • Encourage relationship building with offices on campus to promote cohesive working dynamics.
  • Further the development of diversity awareness.
  • Market all programs, events and services in order to aid in the recruitment and retention of students.
  • Assist in the recruitment and retention plan of the university.
  • Build and sustain a strong camps and conference/summer housing operation.
  • Endorse sound policies and processes that endorse responsibility and accountability.
  • Offer for cost-effective housing while maintaining superior services.
  • Adopt leadership opportunities geared towards self-awareness and promoting critical thinking.
  • Support and promote opportunities for student organization development and growth.
  • Advocate for timely and effective communication with all constituencies.
  • Promote professionalism in all areas as it relates to correspondence, presentation and daily operations.