It is the goal of the Housing & Residence Life Conference Services Program to provide all of our guests with affordable housing options. Our residence halls are comfortable, well-maintained, and safe. And with the convenience of our location within the community, we think our summer conference package is hard to beat! All rooms are typically double occupancy, air-conditioned along with micro-fridge units.

(All rates are per person, per night):
Single Room      $25.00
Double Room     N/A

Due to COVID-19, we will only be offering single rooms for all Summer Camps and Conference attendants. All rooms come with air-conditioning along with micro-fridge units. Housing & Residence Life Conference Services does not provide linens, towels, or toilet paper. Participants must bring these items when attending camp/conference at The W.


The W Dining Services offers a variety of services for conference groups. Facilities are open Monday through Friday. Weekend service will be available based on the number of conference participants. If the dining facilities are closed, alternative meals can be arranged. Catering services are also available. All dining costs will be based on the guaranteed number whichever is greater. Upon receipt of your guaranteed numbers two weeks prior to your event, Conference Services will send confirmation of your dining location(s) and meal times based on campus needs, staffing, and the day of the week. The dining facility is within a reasonable walking distance on campus.
Catering Services – If a group would like to have a special banquet or reception, a variety of menus and services are provided by University Catering. All catering costs will reflect the pre-arranged minimum number guarantee. You will be contacted by a representative from Sodexho to discuss the menu for your event. A rate quote will be provided when logistics are finalized and will be based on their current rate information at the time of event.


Parking is something no one likes to worry about, so we have taken the worry away! If your participants plan to bring a car to campus, parking permits will be provided to the camp/conference.


The University has recreational facilities available for conference guests. Tennis, basketball courts, and weight rooms can be part of your stay at The W. The camp/conference will be charged a minimal fee for the use of indoor gyms, weight rooms, pool, etc. The outdoor tennis courts may be used at any time without cost. For more information contact their office at 662.241.7494.
For additional information on the details and fees for these services please e-mail or call Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life for Housing Services at 662-329-7127.


1. Review the Terms & Conditions.
2. Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss the details of your camp/conference. Depending on any additional services you request, we can prepare your contract at this meeting. If necessary, we’ll schedule a second meeting to sign the contract. Often times for specific services (e.g. meeting space requests, catering, etc.) it will take some time following your contract meeting for us to coordinate these services and obtain rate quotes. For any cost changes or updates we will send you a Contract Rate Addendum after the contract meeting.
3. Contact us one month (30 days) prior to arrival to confirm your participation numbers. This date will be established during the contract meeting. Failure to make this notification will contractually obligate you to higher numbers if your group does not meet participant number goals.
4. Contact us two weeks prior to Check In day for your camp/conference, in order to ensure that all details for check in day are confirmed.
5. Once your group has checked out, we’ll prepare your bill. Please be patient, as this could take some time since billing often involves coordinating with other offices on campus.

6. Once received, you have thirty days to make payment by check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank, or Inter-Departmental Transfer if you are affiliated with a department on campus.

Registration Eligibility

Conference Services and Mississippi University for Women reserves the right to decline services to any request prior to the contracting process. There may be times when Conference Services requests references of previous institutions and/or locations of your events.

Reservation Information

On-campus conference facilities are available for groups from the last week in May to the first week in August. The month of July is usually very busy; therefore, eligible groups should submit information early to ensure accommodations.


If your group would like to stay with us this summer, please contact the Department of Housing & Residence Life at 662.329.7127. Early in the year, groups will be assigned to a specific residence hall and sponsors will be notified of the assignment. Requests for specific locations will be honored whenever possible. When we receive your reservation, we will send a confirmation letter with more information concerning the services you have requested. If you have questions about your group’s reservations or if you have not heard from us, please feel free to contact our office to inquire about your status and assignment. We are committed to serving you!


Payment of your final bill can be made using one of the following methods: in the form of a check drawn within the United States (with routing number on check), money order, or Inter-Departmental Transfer of funds within 30 days of receiving a billing statement. Once payment exceeds 30 days a late charge of up to 10% will be assessed for overdue accounts receivable. A $30.00 charge will be assessed for a returned check. The group will be billed after the conference for their housing accommodations, any contracted services and any damages to the facilities incurred by their group.