Nursing Learning Community

Growing Together

Located in Callaway and Columbus Halls, this community is designed to provide current ASN and BSN nursing students an opportunity to live and study together. By participating in the Nursing Community, students will boost their chances of academic success, get to know their classmates better, build lasting friendships, and have the opportunity to broaden their experiences.

Three nursing students in a clinic

Be part of the Nursing Learning Community

Students in the nursing living-learning community must be a current member of the associate or baccalaureate nursing program. Once accepted into the ASN or BSN Nursing program, you are eligible to sign up for this community.

If you believe this opportunity is the right fit for you, speak to the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

Benefits of joining the Nursing Learning Community

  • Study space for community members
  • Community kitchen
  • Practice lab space
  • Access to Nursing Tutor
  • RA from the Nursing Program

Halls in this Community