• Kincannon Hall

    Convenient living at the heart of it all. Kincannon is home to our Freshmen residents.
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Kincannon Hall

South Campus

197 Residents

Co-Ed Freshmen


Kincannon Hall

  • Freshmen Rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Suite-Style Living
  • TV Lounge
  • Internet Café
  • Vending Machines
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Ample research across the United States over the last 30 years has provided compelling evidence that students who live in university-provided housing perform better academically, and enjoy a higher degree of satisfaction with their college experience, than students who live off-campus or commute.

Kincannon provides our freshman population with focused support and development tools to help with the transition to university life.

Students live in suite-style rooms with access to amenities such as 1GB/s ethernet, and free wireless internet connectivity.

Residents in Kincannon are located at the heart of the South Campus community. The hall is adjacent to Stark Recreation Center and Fant Memorial Library. Emma Ody Pohl Gymnasium is located just across 11th Street. Most academic buildings on campus are less than a 10 minute walk from Kincannon Hall.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life completed a residence hall enhancement project in Kincannon in 2014, adding enhanced Wi-Fi, as well as new furniture and interior painting for all the rooms.

Kincannon Hall was named in honor of Andrew A. Kincannon, the fifth president of the university.




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Room Amenities

  • Suite-style rooms
  • In-Suite Bath
  • Microwave
  • Mini-Refrigerator
  • Extra Long Twin Beds
  • Bed Lofts Available
  • 1GB/s Ethernet Connection
  • Free MUWnet Wi-Fi

Building Amenities

  • TV lounge
  • Community Kitchen
  • Free Laundry Room
  • Elevator
  • Lobby
  • Information Desk
  • Study Lounge
  • Internet Café
  • Vending Machines
  • Adjacent to Library
  • Adjacent to Fitness Center
  • Quiet Hours During Exams

Campus Amenities

  • Buffet-Style Dining Center
  • Subway Café
  • 5,300 sqft Fitness Center
  • Indoor Heated Pool
  • Indoor Basketball/Volleyball Court
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Renovated Library
  • Campus Health Clinic
  • Free Counseling Services
  • Walking Distance to Classes





Kincannon Photos

  • Kincannon Room
  • Study Lounge
  • Kincannon TV Lounge
  • Kincannon Room
  • Kincannon Hall
  • Kincannon Room
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  • Campus: Recreation Center
  • Campus: Fitness Center
  • Campus: Relaxing on Campus
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