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Are you looking for curriculum that will prepare you to teach Social Studies at the middle and high school level? If so, this concentration in Political Science is for you. Given the interdisciplinary nature of political science coursework, the political science degree’s flexibility, and the importance of civics education, it is a common major for pre-service teachers who want to pursue an alternative route to licensure.

The Praxis II exam required for licensure in social studies demands deep knowledge of US and world history and politics, as well as familiarity with basic concepts from sociology, economics, geography, and psychology. With that in mind, the Social Studies concentration is designed to encourage study in all areas covered by the exam. The Political Science-Social Studies degree requires a total of 49 credit hours: 18 hours in political science, 16 in history, and 15 in any field of social studies (HIS, POL, ECON, GEO, PSY, or SOC).

Social Studies for non-majors: Social Studies Minor

Master of Arts in Teaching

We have partnered with The W's School of Education to create a clear pathway to licensure for students who are interested in teaching, but did not start a Teacher Certification program early in their college career. The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a graduate education degree and an alternative initial licensure program which provides those who complete this program an opportunity to teach in Mississippi schools. Some students may qualify to be admitted to the Accelerated MAT program while completing their bachelor’s degree, while others may qualify after completing degree.

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

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Additional Opportunities
Study abroad is life-changing and essential for the modern student. Study abroad creates global awareness, enhances academic learning, develops leadership skills, adds to personal growth, and can help students advance their careers.
Given our program’s emphasis on civic engagement and experiential learning, the student internship occupies a special place in our curriculum. Internships are integrated with coursework, so students earn college credit and progress toward their degree as they gain hands-on experience and career training.

Political Science, BS - Concentration in Social Studies Curriculum

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General Education Curriculum

In keeping with The W's Mission, the General Education Program provides students with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to become independent, productive members of society in our continually changing world.

The W's General Education Program provides a foundation in the liberal arts that includes knowledge in the historical, literary, aesthetic, scientific, and cultural traditions that shape the world, and fosters skills that allow students to become civically responsible life-long learners ready to adapt to new challenges.

All students who complete the Mississippi University for Women general education program will demonstrate:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Quantitative & Technology Skills
  • Understanding of Self, Global Societies, & the Natural World
  • Life-Long Learning

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Bachelor of Science Requirements

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree must complete the following courses in their academic program:

  • 8 semester hours of Laboratory Science
  • 3 semester hours of Mathematics MA 113 (or higher)
  • 6 semester hours of Science and/or Mathematics
  • 3 semester hours of additional mathematics above MA 113 or computer applications/programming course

A total of 20 hours is required, and students may not double count credit hours in the above categories.

Major Courses

Government, Civics, & Politics Core (18 semester hours)

  • POL 101 - The Study and Practice of Politics
  • POL 150 - American Government
  • POL 250 - World Politics
  • 9 additional hours of POL coursework.

History Core (16 semester hours)

  • HIS 105 - History Education and Praxis Lab
  • 15 additional hours of HIS coursework.

Social Studies Electives (15 semester hours HIS, POL, ECON, GEO, PSY, or SOC)


Additional electives as required to reach 120 semester hours required for graduation.

Note: Students may not double count credit hours in the above categories.

Total Hours Required for a BS in Political Science with a Concentration in Social Studies: 120 Semester Hours