Careers in History

What Can You Do with a Degree in History ?

History majors find that the independence of mind, critical thinking, research skills, and communication skills fostered by majoring in history apply to a number of careers. The major also serves as preparation for many professional and graduate programs (e.g., law, international relations as well as, of course, history). Because history students are broadly trained, there are many paths majors can take to employment. We believe that studying history will enrich your life, but also make you into a capable and sophisticated decision-maker. It is no surprise that employers, professional schools, and graduate programs across diverse fields look favorably upon history graduates.

History Career Opportunities

The following resources encourage you to consider the diverse potential of a history degree and also provide practical employment information.

  • Careers for History Majors (AHA) Provides helpful resources for history job seekers, including a job listing and discussion of public history options.
  • Why Become a Historian? Provides brief essays written by prominent historians describing their reasoning and thinking in deciding to become professional historians. This is most helpful for students considering continuing their study of history in an advanced degree program.
  • History Is Not a Useless Major (AHA) Describes the data and evidence that counters myths surrounding history majors' job prospects.
  • American Association of Museums  Allows you to search all available job postings in museums across the country by region and keyword.
  • National Council on Public History Provides very helpful information regarding education and careers in public history.
  • Government Jobs  Looking for work in the public sector?  This site provides searching ability for government jobs throughout the nation.
  • If you are looking for employment with the federal government, this site will be helpful.  It provides job listings for all kinds of government work and is fully keyword searchable.
  • Library of Congress  If you are looking for employment, internships, or volunteer possibilities, check out this site. The Library of Congress has many positions and opportunities for history majors seeking employment.
  • Teach in Alabama The official Alabama Department of Education website that lists state positions in public education.
  • Teach in MississippiThe Mississippi Department of Education has this website for job postings across the state.
  • State of Mississippi Employment Provides links to sites that will allow you to search state government employment.