Political Science at The W

Waiting on the world to change? Not us.

Students of Politics study with broader purpose. At The W, we focus on skills too often left out of traditional political science programs: skills that allow our students to carry their knowledge out of the classroom, take action, and solve problems. Politics majors at the W understand the major players, processes, and uses of power; they also know how to make an impact.

Additional Opportunities

Study abroad is life-changing and essential for the modern student. Study abroad creates global awareness, enhances academic learning, develops leadership skills, adds to personal growth, and can help students advance their careers.
Given our program’s emphasis on civic engagement and experiential learning, the student internship occupies a special place in our curriculum. Internships are integrated with coursework, so students earn college credit and progress toward their degree as they gain hands-on experience and career training.
The W offers several co-curricular organizations for students interested in politics, government, and advocacy. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum or what you are passionate about, you can find other like-minded people at The W.
Political science gives students tools to analyze their world critically, revealing the nature and scope of political and economic authority, the process of policy-making, and so on. However, the number of majors who go on to actually work in a governmental setting is not overwhelming. Why is that the case? Government jobs are not rare, and plenty of political science majors have productive careers there.

Our Minors

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The Department of History, Political Science, and Geography offers nine minors for you to choose from. Expand your studies with American Studies or Pre-Law courses. In the community or around the world, you can find the perfect minor that fits your interests.

Our Minors