Student Opportunities

Undergraduate Research

Our curriculum encourages meaningful work by students.  HPG students get the opportunity to do work that is:

  1. Meaningful personally, because they get the opportunity to select the question or problem they want to research.
  2. Meaningful to the discipline(s) because what they are doing pushes the limits of what is known.
  3. Meaningful to the public because it is a question or issue of significance.  When students conduct meaningful research, they forward the discipline and connect to “real world” problems and issues. 

Undergraduate Research


Internships are a great way to gain real-world, work-place experience.  MUW students in our department find relevant internships locally, regionally, and nationally that help them create professional networks and connect to mentors.  If you are a history major, the Peyton Internship Scholarship can help you cover the costs of an internship.


The programs in our department, whether history, political science, or interdisciplinary studies, are designed to teach you knowledge and skills that easily transfer to the job market.  Employers want creative thinkers who can problem solve and find or form answers to important questions--and this is what our faculty and curriculum educates students to do.  By focusing on making all students more capable analytical and critical thinkers, effective communicators, and independently motivated life-long learners, our faculty and programs prepare students to enter the 21st century work force.


The Department of History, Political Science and Geography at The W is pleased to offer the following scholarships to help our students cover the cost of tuition and other education-related expenses. Through the generous support of our donors, these scholarships support our students and the outstanding academic work they do at The W.

Student Organizations

Involvement in a campus organization can significantly contribute to a student’s total education. Through engagement in these organizations, students can meet new people, develop communication and leadership skills, find their passion, and enhance their campus experience.