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The international studies minor seeks to help students understand the modern global environment in an interdisciplinary manner. Increasingly, careers in business, government, the arts, sciences, and humanities require international familiarity.

The minor approaches its aim in two ways:

I. To understand other societies:

Students will take courses in three disciplines, totaling twelve hours, from among the following courses:

ART 313 – Modern and Contemporary Art History
EN 232 – Survey of Late World Literature
FLF 352 – French Literature after 1850
GEO 304 – Geography of Latin America
GEO 306 – Geography of the Muslim World
HIS 350 – Crisis and Union: Europe Since 1914
HIS 358 – Revolution, Drugs, and Development: Perception and Reality in Latin America
REL 213 – Religions of the World


Students are also strongly encouraged to engage in an international experience. Such experiences may, with the approval of the university advisor for the minor and by the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, may be counted for up to 6 hours toward this requirement.

To fulfill this portion of the minor, students must also demonstrate an intermediate competency in a modern foreign language. This can be done through successful completion of FLF 201-FLF 202 or FLS 201-FLS 202 or by other means.

II. To understand the dynamics of relations between and among societies, states or cultures:

Students must take six hours from among the following courses:

MGT 371 – International Business Seminar
EN 433 – Literature in the Postcolonial World
GEO 101 – Elements of World Geography
GEO 351 – Environmental Geography
HIS 422 – Socialism and Communism in the Modern Era
POL 380 – US Foreign Policy


Students should be aware that the minor is very flexible, and can be tailored to the student’s individual goals in consultation with an advisor. (Students who wish to minor in International Studies should contact Amber Handy, university advisor for the minor in the Department of History, Political Science, and Geography.) Students who have not declared a major will develop their course of study within the minor with the university advisor. Courses with rotating topics (e.g., BU 499 – Special Topics in Business) may also fulfill the requirements of the minor, with the approval of the Department Chair of History, Political Science and Geography.

Total: 18 credit hours