The Pre-Law minor helps students from a broad range of disciplines prepare for law school. While there is no one major that is best for pre-law students, there is broad consensus around the importance of taking undergraduate courses that require rigorous analytic thinking, research, writing, and oral communication. This minor will help students develop those skills and abilities and develop a close relationship with one of our three pre-law advisors on campus.

What Majors Are Accepted to Law School?

For more information on majors and law school admittance rates, please the LSAC report:
"Undergraduate Majors of Applicants to ABA-Approved Law Schools"

Minor Requirements

Core (1 credit hour)

IS 101 - Law School Preparation

Reasoning (3 credit hours)

Choose One:

PHL 204 - Ethics
PHL 205 - Logic

Research & Writing (3 credit hours)

Choose One:

HIS 211 - Introduction to Historical Thinking and Research
PLG 330 - Legal Writing
POL 390 - Southern Politics

Open Electives (12 credit hours)

Students may select any of the courses listed below as well as any of the courses listed above in the Logical & Moral Reasoning or Research & Writing categories. However, courses may not be counted twice to fulfill requirements in more than one category and Open Elective courses must be from at least three different disciplines (or include three different course prefixes: HIS, POL, PLG).

HIS 300 / POL 300 - Genocide Studies
HIS 381 - U.S. as a World Power to 1898 OR HIS 382 - U.S. as a World Power Since 1898
HIS 317 - Sexuality in American History OR HIS 326 - Women in American History
PLG 325 - Business Organizations
PLG 351 - Criminal Trial Practicum OR PLG 352 - Civil Trial Practicum
HIS 395 / POL 395 - American Constitutional Law
PLG 303 - Torts
PLG 401 - Special Topics in Paralegal Studies
PLG 429 - Civil Litigation
PLG 431 - Criminal Law
PLG 432 - Family Law
PLG 433 - Environmental Law
POL 370 - Campaigns & Elections
POL 250 - World Politics
POL 451 - Political and Social Philosophy

Total: 19 credit hours


If you would like more information about the Pre-law minor, please contact one of the the program coordinators:

Chanley Rainey, Ph.D.

Wesley Garrett, J.D.

Thomas Velek, Ph.D, J.D.