The Title IX Deputies are specially trained to assist in all facets of the Title IX grievance process. For any given incident, they may be asked to assist a complainant or respondent with understanding the Title IX process, conduct reasonable, impartial and prompt investigations, proceed over live hearings and/or to serve on an appeals panel.

The Title IX Coordinator may assign any one or more Deputies varying roles which may change per reported incident. The possible roles a Deputy can serve are:

Pre-hearing Process Advisor– assists the complainant or respondent with understanding the grievance process and assists in providing supportive measures to the parties.
Investigator– conducts an impartial and prompt investigation; meets with parties and witnesses and gathers evidence; writes final investigative report.
Hearing Panel Officer– serves as one of three decision-makers during the live grievance hearing, determines responsibility and recommends discipline/sanctions, if appropriate.
Appeals Panel Officer– serves as one of three appeals officers to decide the validity of a party’s appeal.

Ms. Ashley Chisolm
Associate Professor of Legal Studies
College of Business and Professional Studies

Glen Halbert
Associate Director, Facilities Operations and Intramurals
Stark Recreation Center

Ms. Jess Harpole
Vice President of Student Affairs;
Dean of Students
Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Chrystal Hodges
Associate Professor of Education;
Master of Education Program Coordinator
School of Education

Kelly Hollowell
Intermediate Mathematics Developer
Student Success Center

Richard Morgan
Instructor of Health Education and Internship Coordinator
College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Ms. Laura Quinn
Director of Human Resources
Office of Human Resources

Dr. Kim Whitehead
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs;
Director of Ina E. Gordy Honors College;
Associate Professor of English and Religious Studies
College of Arts and Sciences