Scholarships for Psychology & Family Science Majors

Family Science Major Scholarships

Several scholarships totaling over $10,000 are available to students officially registered as a Family Science major each year. Scholarships are awarded based on different criteria such as program of study, need, leadership skill, attitude, or academic achievement. One of the larger scholarships requires an ACT (composite) score of 22, and another requires that the recipient be a first-year student. These often go unawarded. Thus, anyone meeting either of these criteria should apply because chances are highly in their favor. Applications are typically due in March, but can be submitted at any time.

Family Science Scholarships

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Cost shouldn't be a barrier. At The W it won't be. We believe that the cost of a college education should not be a deterrent to your pursuit of earning a bachelor's degree. The W has kept tuition among the lowest in the Southeast. We offer that same low tuition to residents of every state, and a range of scholarships, and grants to help you pay for your education.

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Scholarships Opportunities


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Be sure to also complete the FAFSA and apply to the University to be eligible for other forms of financial aid. Incoming students are strongly encouraged to complete their application and financial aid applications prior to April 15.

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