PFS faculty are dedicated teachers who are also active in their disciplines at local and national levels. Coursework and other learning opportunities are designed to enhance students’ understanding of research and its applications in the real world. Critical thinking, written and oral communication, and professional development are emphasized.

Questions related to the admissions process can be directed to theĀ Office of Admissions at (877) 462-8439 (toll free). Questions about Psychology or Family Science may be directed to the departmental office at (662) 329-7191 or (877) 462-8439 ext. 7191 (toll free).


Respect  | Integrity  |  Professionalism

Mission Statement

To provide education, research, and programs that focus on the human experience, including the individual, families and schools, thereby bettering the relationship between people and their communities.

Vision Statement

To be effective at creating and empowering graduates who understand the value of psychological and family science and can use it to improve quality of life for themselves, individuals, families and communities.