Andrew Nguyen

Assistant Professor of Psychology

PHONE: (662) 329-7175

About Dr. Nguyen

A.A. Santa Fe College
B.A. University of Ottawa
M.Sc. Queen’s University
Ph.D. Queen’s University

Dr. Andrew Nguyen’s research in social psychology primarily falls within the domains of persuasion, social influence, and judgement & decision-making. His work has investigated various aspects of damage control – in particular, the effects of transgressions and the tactics that transgressors can use to mitigate the negative evaluation resulting from said transgressions. His research also explored ways to measure the strength of attitudes in the context of attitude change and persuasion. Other research interests include the effects of censorship on inter-group relations, the implicit factors involved in interpersonal attraction, and the ways in which the implicit understanding of language and communication patterns facilitate the formation and maintenance of relationships.