Mississippi University for Women’s Dr. M. Hunter Manasco aims to help students understand all the ways communication is affected by anatomy via his newly published textbook, “Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Language, and Hearing.”

“This is an undergraduate level textbook on the anatomy and physiology of all parts of the body involved in communication. This book is different from similar texts in that it relies more heavily on bullet points and strives to be accessible to the undergraduate,” Manasco said.

The book’s publication marks the end of nearly a decade’s worth of work for Manasco and his co-author, Dr. Glenn Tellis, professor and chair of the speech-language pathology department at Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania.

“My co-author and I worked seven years on this book. Ultimately, I ended up writing seven of the 12 chapters in this book while he focused more on the website development,” Manasco said.

According to Plural Publishing, the book’s, “Technology-supported pedagogical approach allows students to review concepts via detailed study guides with anatomical labels, explore cadaver images and view them as an extension of the textbook. This is the only text with real cadaver images from Anatomage’s 3D dissection table allowing an unparalleled glimpse into the anatomical structures of the human body, featuring true-to-life colors with an impressive level of detail.”

This is Manasco’s fourth book and second textbook. He is a professor in the speech-language pathology department at The W, and he has been at the university for six years.

Manasco is relieved to see the project come to fruition, but he is proud of the attention to detail that went into making it as succinct as possible.

Manasco said, “At a little less than 500 pages and probably just as many illustrations, this project was enormous.  It is wild to work so long on something so big and then it finally be finished. Just not having to worry about it, always in the back of my mind, is nice. We came close to finishing it probably three times but kept doing large reworkings of the chapters. So, I basically thought it would never be done.”

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