Stark Recreation Center

Mississippi University for Women’s Campus Recreation department is once again encouraging those on campus to start the new year off with a commitment to health by hosting the annual Spring Wellness Challenge, which kicks off Jan 16.

“At our core, we all have the same basic needs. It is my opinion that a healthy you makes for a healthy campus, and a healthy campus makes for a healthy you. It’s reciprocal. I believe this event is important to The W because wellness is unifying,” said Melissa Parsons, associate director of Business, Student and Member Services and interim wellness coordinator.

The seven-week program has been a staple on campus for at least a decade and is open to all full-time students, faculty, staff and Stark Recreation Center members from the community.

The challenge operates on a points system where participants receive an assigned number of points for each activity completed. This includes, for example, one point for attending a recfitness class or completing a 60-minute solo workout. Bigger point values are awarded for attending special events and wellness talks.

The logging of points will be done via Google Forms, and requires the participant to submit a photo of themselves at the event or activity to receive points.

There will be winners in each category based on overall accumulated points.

This approach is new for this year, as in the past body weight was the determining factor for the winner. The new, holistic approach is to help participants gain tools that can be used to maintain their health going forward.

“Our event is titled ‘Commit to Consistency’ for a reason. Becoming holistically well-rounded is the goal, but it will take work and won’t come easy. Also, we’ve removed the percentage of weight loss from the format, not because a healthy weight isn’t important, but because it’s not the only thing that determines wellness. The goal is to show people how to move the needle from one extreme to the other by making smart, small and consistent choices toward a more balanced and healthier lifestyle,” Parsons said.

There will be a kickoff event Tuesday, Jan. 16 at 5:30 p.m. in Stark Recreation Center where participants will be provided with all of the tools to compete including score guides and a schedule of events. There also will be registration the night of for those who did not pre-register

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