Mississippi University Women is launching four innovative certificate programs designed to provide healthcare professionals and others with the opportunity to concentrate in specific patient populations and advance their knowledge-base.

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With a 12-credit curriculum offered entirely online through the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, participants can earn certificates in women’s care, behavioral/psychological care, community care or care of the dying.

“Since COVID, healthcare team members, especially nurses, have left the profession or changed directions. These certificates allow for those in healthcare that have changed patient populations to be better equipped for their new areas or perhaps better prepare for a new area they may be moving into,” said Dr. Brandy Larmon, dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Each certificate program provides flexibility for enrollees to progress at their own pace by taking courses over multiple semesters. By completing these programs, healthcare professionals can advance in applicable patient-centered competencies for daily practice and increase their marketability in caring for specific patient populations.

The four new certificate programs are tailored to empower nurses and other healthcare workers, including certified nursing assistants, social workers, respiratory therapists and more, by expanding their knowledge of specific patient populations and how to provide more holistic care without the need to pursue graduate education.

Larmon added, “Since the certificate is comprised of college courses, the cost is the typical cost of a college course. However, the courses do provide college credit offering the student with credit that if they want to continue on toward a degree pathway. These can often be used as electives or otherwise.” 

Elective hours from these courses can be applied toward certain degree options, such as the RN-BSN degree for registered nurses with associate degrees.

Key Features of the Certificate Programs:

Certificate in Women’s Care:

  • Expand foundational patient care knowledge related to maternal care competencies.
  • Address the unique needs of female and childbearing patient populations.
  • Curriculum covers sexual health, maternal and child health and women’s and gender-related issues.

Certificate in Behavioral/Psychological Care:

  • Expand basic patient care knowledge in the area of behavioral and psychological care competencies.
  • Focus on prevalent psychological disorders commonly encountered by healthcare providers, including self/public health, substance abuse, suicide, and eating disorders.

Certificate in Community Care:

  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of community care for healthcare team members interested in serving these populations.
  • Explore public health principles, infectious disease management and the challenges faced in community health.

Certificate in Care of the Dying:

  • Address the evolving needs of an aging patient population.
  • Develop specialized skills to provide compassionate care to patients nearing the end of life.
  • Delve into topics such as ethics of aging and dying patients, chronic disease and hospice patient care, and bereavement support.

For more information, please contact The W’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences at (662) 329-7299.

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