Mississippi University for Women announces the successful graduation of Ashley Chisolm, Dr. Karen George, Penny Mansell and Dr. Bonnie Oppenheimer from the 15th cohort of the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy (MCCLA). 

Dr. Bonnie Oppenheimer, Ashley Chisolm, President Nora Miller, Dr. Karen George, Penny Mansell

The MCCLA was designed to meet the growing demand for upper-level leaders within Mississippi’s community college and higher education system. Over a year, participants engage in a comprehensive program to refine their supervisory, management and leadership abilities.

Reflecting on her experience, Chisolm shared, “Participating in the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy has been an enriching journey that equipped me with invaluable leadership knowledge and fostered meaningful connections with fellow cohort members. I am grateful for the wisdom and guidance poured into me, shaping me into a future leader ready to make a positive impact in our community, our institution, and beyond.”

George echoed similar sentiments, “Participating in the MS Community College Leadership Academy significantly enhanced my understanding of leadership dynamics within the context of community colleges, providing me with tailored insights and networking opportunities. Equipped with additional resources and knowledge, I am better positioned to spearhead constructive changes within our nursing program, ultimately enhancing student outcomes and nursing practice.”

Through tailored programming, speakers, readings, networking opportunities and expert guidance from university and community college presidents across Mississippi, the academy equips members with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of higher education leadership. As their final culmination project, The W team took inspiration and feedback from the new statewide networks to create proactive ideas ahead of the looming enrollment cliff.

Oppenheimer expressed her gratitude, affirming, “It was an honor to be selected for the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy. The training we received from the experts around the state will be valuable in the coming years.”

Mansell emphasized the significance of the investment made by The W, saying, “We appreciate the opportunity and the investment The W made for us to participate in this intensive program. We’ve gained skills and networked to create friendships across the state.”

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