National Student Transfer week, Oct. 18-21, shines a light on the achievements of more than 33% of the students that attend Mississippi University for Women. It also is an opportunity to showcase the diverse group of students that chose The W to continue their education.

Matthew L. Robinson, Student Success navigator, observes, guides and cheers for all The W students. According to Robinson, incoming transfer students face many challenges, such as balancing a previous community and the issues that occur from credit loss.

“The W has done a good job of trying to combat credit loss by forming multiple partnerships with community colleges around the state. These partnerships ensure that the classes students take early in their career will continue to count as they come to The W and complete their degree,” said Robinson.

Although credit loss is an issue for students nationwide, there are other obstacles transfer students must overcome in a new environment.

Robinson said, “The other big challenge is trying to balance life and school. Many transfer students have outside commitments that may have influenced their decision to transfer to The W. For some being closer to home was the biggest factor. For others, it may have been a career move. Whatever the reason, finding a balance between The W and life outside can be a hurdle that is difficult to manage. Thankfully, The W offers an abundance of support services for our transfer students.” 

Robinson also added that The W values its transfer students and cannot wait to see the events celebrating the transfer students and the professionals who guide them toward their careers.

National Transfer Student Week is organized by the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS) to celebrate transfer students and the professionals who support them on their journeys. According to the NISTS, National Transfer Student Week offers the perfect opportunity to highlight transition struggles and successes and unite campus partners in advocating on behalf of your specific transfer population.

“My favorite thing about transfer students is that many of them have a goal in mind by the time they get to us. While I love helping students explore all of their options, being able to help a student set a concrete plan for success is always fulfilling. To see them execute and achieve brings a great deal of professional and personal satisfaction,” Robinson said.

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Located in historic Columbus, Mississippi, The W was founded in 1884 as the first state-supported college for women in the United States. Today, the university is home to 2,227 students in more than 70 majors and concentrations and has educated men for 40 years. The university is nationally recognized for low student debt, diversity and social mobility which empowers students to BE BOLD.

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