Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts

The BS in Culinary Arts program from The Culinary Arts Institute at The W is one of the few programs of its kind in the Southeast United States. The four-year program combines the top-ranked liberal arts education The W is renowned for, with the latest culinary techniques taught by our acclaimed chef-instructors.

Students may choose from three required minors:
Designed for a student interested in managing a kitchen or owning their own restaurant. Courses include marketing, accounting, and law courses which relate specifically to the business side of the culinary world.
Students who wish to express their creativity through food would enjoy this option. Student Chefs will take courses in art, photography, food styling, and demonstration techniques.
What we eat is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Students in the emphasis will take a combination of health and culinary courses on weight management, chronic diseases, public health, and epidemics.