Two female student chefs arrange desserts in the kitchen

Established in 1996, the Culinary Arts Institute provides interdisciplinary instruction in the culinary arts, emphasizing classic cooking techniques applied to small-quantity food preparation.

In addition to a mastery of cooking skills and knowledge of food service, students also will prepare for employment and leadership in diverse areas of food studies such as food journalism, food photography and styling, nutrition and wellness, and culinary entrepreneurship.

Our graduates are working in the hospitality industry in Mississippi and across the nation.  We invite you to create your own recipe for success in the Culinary Arts Institute at The W. Our program offers state-of-the art instruction at the only institution in Mississippi offering a major in culinary arts leading to the bachelor of science degree. 

2014 saw the expansion of the Culinary Arts program with the addition of the Bachelor of Applied Science degree, allowing students to apply the career/technical credits of the Associate of Applied Science program to earn a four-year degree.

In the summer of 2023, CAI began a new chapter in our history as we open a new Culinary Arts Building, the largest purpose-built facility for culinary education in the State of Mississippi.