Culinary Arts Institute Majors

Culinary Arts, BS

The BS in Culinary Arts program from The Culinary Arts Institute at The W is one of the few programs of its kind in the Southeast United States. The four-year program combines the top-ranked liberal arts education The W is renowned for, with the latest culinary techniques taught by our acclaimed chef-instructors. Students may choose from three required minors: Culinary Management, Pastry Arts, or Nutrition.

Culinary Arts

Business Administration, BAS - Culinary Management, BAS

Combining the applied skill-set learned in a career/technical program and the accrued real world experience with additional skills learned at The W, the BAS program allows individuals holding an Associate of Applied Science degree to apply their career & technical credits toward a bachelor's degree.

Culinary Management

Which program is right for you?

The Bachelor of Applied Science program is designed for students with career and technical credits from community college. The Bachelor of Science program is designed for freshmen or transfer students with academic credits from another college or university.