Business Administration, BAS

We Mean Business

Whether you have the desire to start your own business, manage a business or community organization, or work for a global corporation, The W offers a business degree option to meet your career goals. Our graduates have gained employment in a number of different organizations including government, non-profit, military, education, manufacturing, logistics, and beyond.

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The W offers a competitive, affordable tuition rate so that furthering your education is within reach. In fact, our undergraduate business programs rank as some of the most affordable in the nation. The W does not charge an extra fee for out-of-state students. Every student pays the same low tuition, wherever they reside.

Making College Affordable

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Generous Transfer Policy

If you have already taken college courses and are ready to finish your bachelor’s degree, you may be able to finish faster at The W. We want to help you build on your achievement and take your community or technical college credits further. You worked hard on your credits, and that is why students at The W may transfer up to 90 credit hours from accredited community colleges and universities.

Engaged Learning

Studies show that class size has a direct impact on student achievement. At The W the classes are small, but the opportunities are BIG. Our size and culture offer a personalized learning experience. Low student-to-faculty ratio fosters a close relationship with faculty and advisors, which allows us to provide personalized attention and make learning relate to real world experiences. Free tutoring and writing skills support is available for all students.

Student Success Center

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Flexible Learning

Whether you choose the full on-campus university experience, remote learning online, or a mixture of the two, you will have a dynamic learning experience and powerful knowledge you can take with you everywhere.

Accelerated Bachelor’s/MBA Program

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a smart choice long-term career success. Get a head start with our Accelerated Bachelor’s/MBA, a program for high performing students that allows them to take undergraduate and graduate classes at the same time, substituting some required undergraduate classes with MBA classes, reducing time and cost.

Accelerated MBA Program