Student Success Center

Helping You Succeed

Every college student has the desire to achieve academic excellence and the Student Success Center (SSC) is ready to assist you with attaining that goal. The SSC is a place where all students can come to receive advice, feedback, and strategies in various academic areas. Our goal is to provide students with the necessary tools for academic success at the W and beyond. The services offered are free to all W students. The Student Success Center brings together under one umbrella a variety of services that work to ensure the success of all W students.

woman holds diploma outside after graduation
The SSC ensures students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to learn and to express their knowledge.
No matter where you are, you are part of the Long Blue Line. The W believes you should receive the support you need to complete you degree. The university has resources available to help you achieve your goals.
The Student Success Center offers testing services and proctoring for a number of tests.

To register for classes contact your Navigator, or call the SSC at (662) 329-7138 or email us at

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