Sports Management Concentration

Business Administration, BBA

Love of the Game

If you are an athlete or sports fan, you may be wondering if there is a way to combine your talent and passion with a future career. A career in sports management can bridge the gap. The Sports Management concentration focuses on the business and administration side of sports, fitness, and recreation industries.

Behind the players and games, there are a variety of business functions needed to ensure the games continue. It takes planning, marketing, venue management, public and community relations, accounting and more to support a thriving sports program. Sports administrators help oversee the daily operations, manage relationships, stimulate growth through strategic marketing campaigns, and much more.

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This concentration is available to students in the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and the BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science) degree programs.

On Campus Program

This concentration must be completed in-person on the MUW campus.

Employment Opportunities

  • Athletic Director – Intercollegiate or K-12
  • Athletic Admiration
  • Sports Facilities Manager
  • Ticket Sales
  • Athletic Administrator (Clubs, Organizations, Teams)
  • Gameday/Event Coordinator
  • Sports Agent
  • Community Recreation Management
  • Manager/Sales Sports Equipment Companies
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Departments
  • Commercial Fitness Business Industry
  • Sport Governing Bodies
  • Sports Marketing
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Accelerated Bachelor’s/MBA

In the Accelerated Bachelor/MBA Program, you will take undergraduate and graduate classes at the same time, substituting some required undergraduate classes with MBA classes. You can take up to 12 of the 36 hours required for the MBA early.

Accelerated MBA Program

Business Administration, BBA - Sports Management Concentration Curriculum

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General Education Curriculum

In keeping with The W's Mission, the General Education Program provides students with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to become independent, productive members of society in our continually changing world.

The W's General Education Program provides a foundation in the liberal arts that includes knowledge in the historical, literary, aesthetic, scientific, and cultural traditions that shape the world, and fosters skills that allow students to become civically responsible life-long learners ready to adapt to new challenges.

All students who complete the Mississippi University for Women general education program will demonstrate:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Quantitative & Technology Skills
  • Understanding of Self, Global Societies, & the Natural World
  • Life-Long Learning

View General Education Requirements

Bachelor of Business Administration Requirements

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a four year degree offered through the Department of Business with a major in Business Administration and concentrations in Accounting, General Business, Health Care Management, Human Resource Management, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing. Specific program requirements can be found in the Business Administration major descriptions for each concentration. A minimum of 120 hours is required for graduation under this curriculum.

Business Core Requirements

Required Business Courses

Minimum grade of C or higher required

  • BU 105 - Fundamentals of Success in Business
  • MIS 160 - Spreadsheet Applications
  • EC 201 - Principles of Economics I
  • EC 202 - Principles of Economics II
  • ACC 211 - Principles of Accounting I
  • ACC 212 - Principles of Accounting II
  • BQA 345 - Advanced Statistical Analysis for Business
  • FIN 355 - Business Finance
  • MKT 361 - Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 333 - Organizational Communication
  • MGT 381 - Principles of Management
  • MGT 385 - Operations/Production Management
  • MGT 497 - Strategic Management
  • PLG 241 - The Legal Environment of Business

Other Required Courses

Minimum grade of C required

  • COM 101 - Oral Communication
  • MA 123 - Statistics
    BQA 170 - Statistical Analysis for Business

Additional Requirements

  • Peregrine Assessment
  • Senior Exit Exam by Concentration
  • Senior Business Exit Questionnaire

Concentration Requirements

Minimum grade of C required

  • MGT 312 - Introduction to Sports Management
  • MGT 332 - Facilities & Event Management in Sports
  • FIN 342 - Sports Finance
  • MGT 352 - Culture & Diversity in Organizations
  • PLG 362 - Sports Law
  • MGT 382 - Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 386 - Human Resource Management
  • MKT 412 - Sports Marketing
  • MGT 422 - Sports Governance
  • MGT 432 - Organization & Management of Sports Programs

General Electives

General Electives: In addition to the requirements of the major, and the General Education Curriculum requirements, additional coursework is required to meet the requirements of a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Total Hours Required for Business Administration, BBA - Sports Management Concentration: 120 Semester Hours