Supporting our community

Residents of Lowndes County, Mississippi, who have graduated from East Mississippi Community College are eligible to attend The W tuition-free.

Students graduating from Golden Triangle Early College High School (GTECHS) who earn an Associate of Arts Degree from EMCC, are a Lowndes County resident, and have a 2.5 overall transferable GPA are eligible to apply for the EMCC Tuition Guarantee award that will cover the remaining cost of tuition for four semesters at The W after any university awards and grants are applied. Students must meet all requirements as listed on the EMCC Tuition Guarantee link below and submit the form to the Office of Admissions to be considered. 

EMCC Tuition Guarantee Application (.pdf)

Requirements for Tuition Guarantee

  • Earned Associate Degree
  • 2.5 GPA on transfer work
  • Lowndes County, MS resident
  • Must submit FASFA
  • Must meet The W admissions requirements
  • Scholarship available for 4 semesters
  • Must be enrolled full time at The W (12 hours)
  • EMCC must be the last institution attended

How it works

Apply for Admission to The W.

Complete Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA).

If you meet the qualifications for the EMCC Tuition Guarantee, complete the application for this Tuition Guarantee and submit it to us at

Once the The W processed your information, we will apply all scholarships and grants you have towards your tuition.

The remaining tuition balance is then covered by The W and you attend tuition-free.