Banner Web for students is an online tool that allows you to “plug in” to MUW and manage your personal and academic information.

Banner Web Access Instructions

Once you have been admitted you should follow the Wconnect Setup Instructions.

After logging into Wconnect you should see the QuickLaunch section on the right or by scrolling down.

In that section you should see the Banner Web link

You should use this link or the other banner Web links in this section when you need to do something in Banner Web.

Once you have logged into Wconnect and clicked on the Banner Web link:

  1. Click on Personal Information and you will have the following options:
    View Address(es) and Phone(s)
    View E-mail Address(es)
    W Alert Text Messaging
  2. Click on Student Services and you will have the following options:
    Student Schedule and Registration
    Student Records
    Financial Aid
    Police Department
    Enrollment Verification/Request Transcript
  3. Click on Student Schedule and Registration and you will find the following options:
    Select Term
    Add/drop Classes
    Look-up classes to add
    Student Schedule by Day & Time
    Student Detail Schedule
    Check Your Registration Status
    Buy Textbooks Online
    Textbook ISBN Search
  4. Click on Student Records – and you will find the following options:
    View Holds
    Midterm Grades
    Final Grades
    Academic Transcript
    Account Summary by Term
    Select Tax Year
    Tax Notification
  5. Click on Financial Aid – and you will find the following options:
    My Eligibility
    My Award Information
    E-Mail MUW Financial Aid Office
  6. Click on Police Department – and you will find the following options:
    Purchase a Permit
    Outstanding Citations
    Citations History
  7. Click on Enrollment Verification/Request Transcript – and you will find the following options:
    Obtain an Enrollment Certificate
    View Enrollment Information on File
    View Student Loan Deferment Notifications
    View Proof(s) of Enrollment
    Order or Track a Transcript


To ensure your privacy and security, you should use the “Exit” Button (located in the top right corner of each page) to exit from the system when you are finished. This will ensure that no one can access the system using your ID and PIN. CLOSE the browser after each session.

Banner Web Registration Instructions

Before beginning the registration process, you must see your assigned advisor to approve your schedule and get your registration access pin (RAP).

Once you have logged into Wconnect and clicked on the Banner Web link:

  1. Clicking on the Student Services link will give you the following options:
    Student Schedule and Registration:
    (Add/Drop classes; Display your class schedule; Check your registration status)
    Student Records :
    (View your holds; Display your grades and transcript beginning Summer Term 2001.)
  2. Click on the Student Schedule and Registration link.
  3. Click Check Your Registration Status to view your registration time slots (the dates you are allotted to register via the web) and any messages that will prevent you from registering. Note: All holds must be cleared before you can process any add/drops. Once you have reviewed your registration status, click the <MENU> button to return to the Student Schedule and Registration menu.
  4. Click Add/Drop Classes
    (NOTE: Special Grading Options – Audit and Pass/Fail — To register for classes under a special grading option, your must obtain the permission of your Department Chair/Program Director and bring a completed add/drop form to the Office of the Registrar.
  5. Select Desired Term and click <Submit Term>.
  6. You will then be prompted for your Registration Access PIN (RAP). Enter Registration Access PIN and <Submit PIN>.
  7. Type in CRNs and click <Submit Changes>. Arrow down on right scroll bar to verify course information. If a class is closed, you can enter another CRN or click <Class Search> to search for another open course.
  8. Click <Submit Changes> again if needed. Classes may be dropped by using the options available in the Action field. If no options are listed in the Action field then the class may not be dropped.
  9. Click the <MENU> button on your internet browser to return to “Schedule & Registration”.
  10. To print schedule, click Student Detail Schedule or Student Schedule By Day & Time and click the <Print> button on your internet browser.
    NOTE: Some computer labs on campus require that students provide their own paper for any printing.
  11. Logout when registration is complete.