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Center for Women's Research - Resources - Digitized

Digitized Resources


OH LADY Magazine

Oh Lady Magazine








Click on the links below to view: OH LADY Humor Magazine. Only three issues of this delightful magazine were published. MSCW sophomore Eudora Welty was a cartoonist for all three issues, and probably wrote some of the satirical poetry which is left unsigned. 


April 1927 OH LADY
May 1927 OH LADY
June 1927 OH LADY


Ephemera Literary Magazine

EphemeraClick on the links below to view:EPHEMERA literary magazine. This magazine was published during the late 1930s through the 1940s and was the predecessor to The Dilettanti. The files are in pdf format, and will need to be downloaded to your computer to be viewed.

THE EPHEMERA (November, 1938)
THE EPHEMERA (February, 1939)


Industial Institute & College Catalogs

Click on individual titles below to view digitally available catalogs. Note: The original name of Mississippi University for Women was "The Industrial Institute and College," or "The Double I and C."

Click HERE to access scanned 1889-90 Catalog of the I.I. & C.
Click HERE to access scanned 1890-91 Catalog of the I.I. & C.
Click HERE to access scanned 1892-93 Catalog of the I.I. & C.
Click HERE to access scanned 1896-97 Catalog of the I.I. & C.
Click HERE to access scanned 1898-99 Catalog of the I.I. & C.
Click HERE to access scanned 1902 Catalog of the I.I. & C. 

Industial Institute & College, Mississippi State College for Women Yearbooks


Use and Reproduction of MUW Copyrighted Materials: READ FIRST

Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1902 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1904 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1905 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1906 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1907 Meh Lady.
Click HEREto access outside link to scanned 1908 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1909 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1910 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1911 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1912 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1913 Spectator.*
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1914 Spectator.*
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1915 Spectator.*
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1916 Spectator.*
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1919 Spectator.*
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1922 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1923 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1926 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1927 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1928 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1929 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1930 Meh Lady.
Click HERE to access outside link to scanned 1931 Meh Lady.

Because President Henry Whitfield discontinued the Meh Ladies for several years, considering them "elitist," the students used a yearly edition of their literary magazine, The Spectator, as a substitute yearbook, and included photographs of seniors.

Center for Women's Research - Resources - Audiovisual

Title                                Genre          Rating Type   Year   Running Time                        
Adam Bede                                            Drama                    NR           DVD        1992       102 Mins.             
Accused, The                                         Drama                    R             VHS         1988       110 Mins.             
Against the Odds :
The Artists of the
Harlem Renaissance                      Documentary         NR           DVD        1994       60 Mins.
Age of Innocence, The                         Drama                    PG           DVD        1993       138 Mins.             
Alice Adams                                          Drama                    NR           VHS         1962       99 Mins.
Anne Frank                                           Drama                    TV14       DVD                        189 Mins.             
Annie Oakley, TV Collection                 TV series                                NR           DVD        1954-56 300 Mins.             
Antonia's Line                                       Comedy/Drama    R             DVD        1995       102 Mins.             
Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman       Drama                    NR           DVD        1973       110 Mins.             
Babette's Feast                                    Drama                    G             DVD        1989       103 Mins.
Baby Doll                                             Drama                    NR           DVD        1956       114 Mins.                             
Bad Girls                                             Drama/Comedy    NR           VHS         1994       104 Mins.                             
Bastard Out of Carolina (2)                 Drama                    R             DVD        1996       101 Mins.             
Because of Winn-Dixie                        Family                    PG           DVD        2005       106 Mins.
Beggar's Opera, The                            Drama/Musical    NR           DVD        1997       135 Mins.                             
Beloved                                               Drama                    R             DVD        1991       171 Mins.             
Beowulf                                               Action/Drama       PG-13     DVD        2007       114 Mins.             
Birth of a Nation, The                           Drama                    NR           DVD        1915       187 Mins.             
Bostonians, The                                    Drama                    NR           DVD        1984       122 Mins.             
Bound                                                  Drama                    NR           DVD        1996       109 Mins.             
Bread and Tulips                                  Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        2002       116 Mins.             
Bright Star                                            Drama                    PG           DVD        2009       119 Mins.             
Burning Bed, The                                 Drama                    NR           DVD        1984       95 Mins.
Burning Bed, The                                 Drama                    NR           VHS         1984       95 Mins.
Calling the Ghosts                               Drama                    NR           VHS         1996       63 Mins.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                         Drama                    NR           DVD        1958       108 Mins.             
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                         Local Prod.             NR           DVD        2007?     100 Mins.             
Poisoned Dreams, The                    Documentary         NR           VHS         2005       43 Mins.
Chocolat                                             Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        1999       122 Mins.             
Cilantro y Perejil:
Recipes to Stay Together                Drama                    PG-13     DVD        1997       90 Mins.
Coalmining Women                             Documentary         NR           VHS         1982       40 Mins.
Color Purple, The                                Drama                    PG-13     DVD        1997       154 Mins.             
Cookie's Fortune                                 Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        1999       118 Mins.             
Crimes of the Heart                              Drama                    PG-13     DVD        1986       105 Mins.             
Cut From Different Cloth                     Documentary         NR           DVD        2005       57 Mins 
Daniel Deronda                                   Drama                    NR           DVD        2007       210 Mins.             
Daughters of the Dust                         Drama                    NR           DVD        1991       113 Mins.             
Divine Secrets of
the Ya-Ya Sisterhood                      Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        2002       116 Mins.             
Dreadful Memories: The Life of
Sarah Ogan Gunning                    Documentary         NR           VHS         1988       38 Mins.
Driving Miss Daisy                                Drama                    PG           DVD        1989       99 Mins.
Eat Drink, Man Woman                       Drama                    NR           DVD        1994       124 Mins.             
Eating Raoul                                         Comedy                  R             DVD        1982       83 Mins 
Eating: A Very Serious Comedy
About Women and Food                 Comedy                  R             DVD        1990       110 Mins.             
Elizabethtown                                       Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2005       123 Mins.             
Emma                                                  Comedy                  PG           DVD        1996       121 Mins.             
Ethan Frome                                         Drama                    PG           DVD        2003       99 Mins.
Evelyn Williams                                     Documentary         NR           VHS         1955       27 Mins.
Evening with Emily Dickinson, An      Drama                    NR           VHS         1997       (two videotapes)
Flagg, Fannie at Book & Author        MUW Event            NR           VHS         1993       (privately made)                   
Fast Food Women                              Documentary         NR           VHS         1991       28 Mins.
Felicia's Journey                                   Drama                    PG-13     DVD        1999       116 Mins.             
Feminism: Controversies,
Challenges, Actions                       Documentary         NR           DVD        2006       29 Mins.
Fine and Long Tradition, A                  Music Video           NR           DVD        1996       (women’s history month)    
First Knight                                           Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2006       134 Mins.             
Fortunes and Misfortunes of
Moll Flanders, The                           Drama                    NR           DVD        1996       190 Mins.             
Frankenstein                                        Drama/Horror       R             DVD        1994       123 Mins.             
Freedom on my Mind                           Documentary         NR           VHS         1994       110 Mins.             
Frida                                                   Drama                    R             DVD        2002       123 Mins.             
Fried Green Tomatoes                          Comedy/Drama    NR           DVD        1991       137 Mins.             
Frontier Nursing Service                      Documentary         NR           VHS         1984       28 Mins.
Funny Ladies: A Portrait
of Women Cartoonists                    Documentary         NR           VHS         1991       46 Mins.
Gender and Communication:
Male-Female Differences in
Language and Non-Verbal
Behavior                                            Documentary         NR           VHS                                        
Girls' Hoops                                        Documentary         NR           VHS         1998       28 Mins.
Girls Like Us                                       Documentary         NR           VHS         1997       60 Mins.
Go Ask Alice                                      Drama                    NR           DVD        1973       73 Mins.
Golden Bowl, The                               Drama                    R             DVD        2000       131 Mins.             
Harriette Simpson Arnow                    Documentary         NR           VHS         1988       35 Mins.
Handmaid’s Tale, The                          Drama                    R             DVD        1990       109 Mins.
Home for the Holidays                         Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        1995       103 Mins.             
Hotel Rwanda                                     Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2004       122 Mins.
Hours, The                                          Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2002       114 Mins.                             
House of Mirth, The (2)                        Drama                    PG           DVD        2000       140 Mins.             
Hustle & Flow                                     Drama                    R             DVD        2005       115 Mins.             
If These Walls Could Talk                   Drama                    R             DVD        1999       97 Mins.
If These Walls Could Talk 2                Drama                    R             DVD        2000       96 Mins.
Importance of Being Earnest, The     Comedy                  PG           DVD        2002       94 Mins.
Incredibly True Adventure
of 2 Girls in Love, The                      Drama                    R             DVD        1995       94 Mins.
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge         Drama                    R             DVD        1999       115 Mins.             
Invisible Children (2)                           Documentary         NR           DVD        2006                      
Iron Jawed Angels                               Drama                    NR           DVD        2004       124 Mins.             
Is Feminism Dead?                              Documentary         NR           VHS         2000       29 Mins.
Jane Eyre                                            Drama                    PG           DVD        1983       311 Mins.             
Jury of Her Peers, A                            Drama                    NR           VHS         1980       30 Mins.
Keep Her Under Control:
Law's Patriarchy in India                      Documentary         NR           VHS         1998       52 Mins.                
Khamosh Pani                                      Drama                    NR           DVD        2005       101 Mins.             
Kiss Me Kate                                      Musical                  NR           DVD        1949       110 Mins.             
La Fronterra, The Border (Barbara
Martinez Jitner)                                Documentary         NR           DVD                        17 Mins.
Lady Bird, Lady Bird                            Drama                    NR           DVD        1994       102 Mins.
Legacy [African-American women]    Documentary         NR           VHS         2000       90 Mins.
Life and Times of Frida Kahlo            Documentary         NR           DVD        2004       90 Mins.
Like Water for Chocolate                    Drama                    R            DVD        1992       105 Mins.             
Lindy Boggs: Steel and Velvet            Documentary         NR           DVD        2006       35 Mins.                
Little Women                                       Drama                    PG           DVD        2000       118 Mins.             
Long Walk Home, The                        Drama                    PG           DVD        1990       98 Mins.
Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, The      Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2010       102 Mins.
Love Chronicles: Love in the
Victorian Age, The                           Documentary         NR           DVD        1999       50 Mins.
Mabel Parker Hardison Smith            Documentary         NR           VHS         1985       29 Mins.
MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour, The          Documentary         NR           VHS         1994       57 Mins. 
Magic Kitchen                                      Comedy                  NR           DVD        2003       103 Mins.             
Making Sense of the Sixties               Documentary         NR           VHS         1991                      
Maria Full of Grace                              Drama                    R             DVD        2004       101 Mins.             
Mark Twain: The Famous
Authors Series                                  Documentary         NR           DVD                        30 Mins.
Martha. Inc.                                        Drama                    PG           DVD        2002       87 Mins.
Medea                                                Drama                    NR           VHS         1990       90 Mins.
Men Don't Leave                                 Comedy                  PG-13     VHS         1989       115 Mins.
Merchant of Venice, The                      Drama                    R             DVD        2004       131 Mins.             
Mermaids                                            Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        1990       110 Mins.             
MiddleMarch (2)                                 Drama                    NR           DVD        1994       420 Mins.             
Mildred Pierce                                     Drama                    NR           DVD        1945       111 Mins.
Mill on the Floss, The                           Drama                    NR           DVD        1978       212 Mins.             
Millstone Sewing Center, The             Documentary         NR           VHS         1972       13 Mins.
Miss Firecracker                                   Comedy                  PG           DVD        2004       101 Mins.             
Miss Representation                            Documentary         NR           DVD        2012       88 Mins.
Mississippi Masala                              Drama                    R             DVD        1991       117 Mins.
Mississippi Remixed: A Fresh Look    Documentary        NR           DVD         2010         57 Mins.
At Race Relations in the Deep
MUW Centennial Excerpts
with John Maxwell                          MUW play              NR           VHS         1985       (privately made)
MUW Recruiting Piece                         Recruitment          NR           DVD        1998       (privately made)   
Mona Lisa Smile                                   Drama                    PG-13     VHS         2003       120 Mins.             
Moonstruck                                          Drama                    PG           DVD        1987       102 Mins.             
Mostly Martha                                      Drama                    PG           DVD        2002       106 Mins.             
My Big Fat Greek Wedding                 Comedy                  PG           DVD        2002       95 Mins.
My First Time                                       Documentary         NR           VHS         1989       28 Mins.
Nature's Way                                       Documentary         NR           VHS         1974       27 Mins.
Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The      Drama                    NR           DVD        1961       104 Mins.                             
9 to 5                                                  Comedy                 PG           DVD        1980       109 Mins
Nixon: Part 1-The Quest                      Documentary         NR           VHS         1990       60 Mins.
Nixon: Part 2-The Triumph                  Documentary         NR           VHS         1990       60 Mins.
Nixon: Part 3-The Fall                          Documentary         NR           VHS         1990       60 Mins.
Oleanna                                               Drama                    NR           DVD        1994       90 Mins.
Once Upon a Time When We
Were Colored                                    Feature                 PG           DVD        1995       113 Mins.             
Once We Were Warriors                    Drama                    R             DVD        1995       102 Mins.             
One Woman. One Vote                       Documentary         NR           VHS         1995       106 Mins.
Oral Histories: Elayne
Goodman and Elizabeth Gwin       MUW history          NR           VHS         2006       (privately made)   
Organize for Change                            Campaign             NR           DVD        2009       (for B. Obama)     
Oscar Wilde Collection, The                Drama                    NR           DVD        2002       408 Mins.             
Paper Clips                                         Documentary         G             DVD        2006       84 Mins.
Period Piece                                        Documentary         NR           VHS         1996       30 Mins.
Persuasion                                            Drama                    NR           DVD        2008       93 Mins.
Piazza, Marguerite:
Friday Gala-Homecoming               MUW history          NR           VHS         1991       (privately made)   
Pill, The                                               Documentary         NR           VHS         2003       60 Mins.
Place in the Sun, A                               Drama                                    DVD        1951       121 Mins.
Pohl/Zouave Video                               MUW history          NR           VHS         fundraiser for Pohl Chair                    
Presidents Collection:
LBJ, The                                            Documentary         NR           VHS         1997       240 Mins.             
Pride and Prejudice                              Drama                    NR           DVD        1996       300 Mins.             
Quilting Women                                    Documentary         NR           VHS         1976       28 Mins.
Rappaccini's Daughter                       Drama                    NR           DVD        2005       57 Mins.
Real Women Have Curves                   Drama                    PG-13     VHS         2003       86 Mins.
Religions of the Book:
Women ng Religion                         Documentary         NR           DVD        2004       29 Mins.
Rent, Clyda S.: Inaugural Ceremony:    MUW history          NR           VHS         1989       (privately made)
Rent, Clyda S. Inaugural Gala           MUW history          NR           VHS         1989       (privately made)                  
Rent, Clyda S.: Message to Alums     MUW history          NR           VHS         c. 1990   (privately made)   
Return of Martin Guerre, The              Drama                    NR           DVD        1982       123 Mins.
Night of the Iguana, The                     Drama                    NR           DVD        1964       117 Mins.             
Rosa Parks Story, The                         Drama                    NR           DVD        2001       94 Mins.
Rose Tattoo, The                                 Drama                    NR           DVD        1955       116 Mins.             
Rosewood                                            Drama                    R             DVD        1997       142 Mins              
Running in High Heels                        Documentary         NR           DVD        2005       90 Mins.
Sarah Bailey                                        Documentary         NR           VHS         1984       29 Mins.
Senorita Extraviada                             Documentary         NR           VHS         2001       74 Mins.
Sense and Sensibility                          Drama                    PG           DVD        1995       136 Mins.             
Sexual Stereotypes in Media              Documentary         NR           VHS         1999       35 Mins.
Sherman's March                                 Documentary         NR           DVD        1986       155 Mins.             
She's Gotta Have It                             Drama                    R             DVD        2008       84 Mins.
Silas Marner                                        Drama                    NR           DVD        2007       90 Mins.
Slave of the Cannibal God                  Horror/Thriller       R             DVD        1978       86 Mins.
Smell of Burning Ants, The                 Documentary         NR           VHS         1994       21 Mins.
Song for Martin, A                              Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2001       113 Mins.             
Songcatcher                                        Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2000       109 Mins.             
Soul Food                                           Drama                    R             DVD        1997       114 Mins.
South is Everywhere, The:                   
The Realities of Tennessee Williams Documentary         NR           DVD        2011       45 Mins.
SWIPS: Southern Women in Public
Service                                            Conference            NR           DVD        2007       (privately made)                   
Steel Magnolias                                   Comedy                  PG           DVD        1989       119 Mins.             
Storyville: The Naked Dance               Documentary         NR           DVD        1997       60 Mins.
Streetcar Named Desire, A                  Drama                    PG           DVD        1951       122 Mins.
Suddenly, Last Summer                      Drama                    NR           DVD        1960       114 Mins.             
Suffragettes in the
Silent Cinema                                  Documentary         NR           VHS         2003       35 Mins.                                
Sunset Story                                        Documentary         NR           DVD        2005       75 Mins.
Sweet Bird of Youth                            Drama                    NR           DVD        1961       120 Mins.                             
Sweet Home Alabama                         Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        2002       109 Mins.             
Sylvia                                                  Drama                    R             DVD        2003       110 Mins.             
Tampopo                                            Comedy                  NR           DVD        1987       114 Mins.
Taming of the Shrew, The                   Drama                    NR           DVD        1967       122 Mins.             
Ten at the Top [Women]
in Tampa Bay                                   Documentary         NR           DVD        2007       30 Mins.
Tennessee Williams (Great Writers)  Documentary         NR           DVD        2006      90 Mins.
Tennessee Williams Scholar
Interviewed – David Kaplan          Radio Interview     NR           DVD        ND           Very brief
Tennessee Williams' South                 Documentary         NR           DVD        1973       80 Mins.
Tennessee Williams Tribute                Interviews              NR           DVD        2005       15 Mins. (privately made
in Columbus, MS)
Tennessee Williams:                            A & E Bio                NR          DVD        2005       50 Mins.
Wounded Genius            
Tess of the D'urbervilles                       Drama                    NR           DVD        1998       180 Mins.                             
Their Eyes were Watching God           Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2005       113 Mins.             
There's No Such Thing as
Woman's Work                                   Documentary         NR           VHS         1987       30 Mins.
30 Days to Sanity                                Business                 NR          DVD        (S. Marston promotional)                   
Thomas Hardy:
The Famous Authors Series           Documentary         NR           VHS         1996       30 Mins.
Thousand Acres,  A                            Drama                    R             DVD        1997       106 Mins.             
Timbrels and Torahs                            Documentary         NR           DVD        2000       36 Mins.
Time to Kill, A                                    Drama                    R             DVD        1996       150 Mins.             
To Kill a Mockingbird                         Drama                    NR           DVD        1962       130 Mins.
Top Fighter 2: Deadly China Dolls     Action/Drama       NR           VHS         1999       90 Mins.
Tortilla Soup                                       Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        2000       103 Mins.
Traditions 101 (MUW )                      History, etc.            NR           DVD        2007       15 Mins. (privately made)
Trip to Bountiful, The                           Drama                    NR           DVD        1985       108 Mins.             
Twelfth Night                                      Comedy                  PG           DVD        1998       134 Mins.             
Two Views on Feminism                      Documentary         NR           VHS         1997       24 Mins.
Vagina Monologues, The                     Documentary         NR           DVD        2002       90 Mins.
Vietnam: A Television History              Documentary         NR           DVD        2004       11 Hours
Voices and Visions                               Drama                    NR           VHS         1988       60 Mins.
Voices of Power:
African-American Women              Documentary         NR           VHS         2000       29 Mins.
Walk the Line                                      Drama                    PG-13     DVD        2005       135 Mins.             
Way Home, The                                  Documentary         NR           VHS         1998       92 Mins.
What's Cooking                                  Comedy                  PG-13     DVD        2000       103 Mins.             
What's Love Got to do With It             Drama                    R             VHS         1993       118 Mins.             
Wings of the Dove, The                        Drama                    R             DVD        1997       102 Mins.             
Wise Woman Wisdom                         Documentary         NR           DVD        2010      
Woman Called Moses, A                     Drama                    NR           DVD        2001       200 Mins.             
Woman on Top                                   Comedy                  R             DVD        2000       91 Mins.
Women and the Civil War                   Documentary         NR           DVD        2005       28 Mins.
Women at Work: The Year 2000        Documentary         NR           VHS         2001       15 Mins.
Women of Islam:
Veiling & Seclusion                         Documentary         NR           DVD        2004       50 Mins.
Women of The W Speak, The              Interviews              NR           DVD        2005       (privately made)
Women, Body Image, Eating
Disorders                                          Documentary         NR           VHS                         82 Mins.
(private copy)
Women's Ordination:
Hidden Tradition, The                     Documentary         NR           VHS         1993       58 Mins.
Wuthering Heights                               Drama                    NR           DVD        1998       114 Mins.                             



Keep on the Sunny Side: June Carter Cash
Her Life in Music                                   Music                     NR           CD           2005
Light in the Piazza. The:
Original Broadway Cast Recording   Musical Soundtrack            CD           2005
MUW Music                                           Music                                     CD                           (privately made)
Oxford American Magazine                                Music                     NR           CD           2006       (music issue)
Southern Fried Child                            Audio Book            NR           CD           2012
Sweet Home Alabama:
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  Music                     NR           CD           2002
Turn South at the Next Magnolia (2) Audio Book            NR           Cas.        2000                      

Center for Women's Research - Internships - Previous Interns

From Our Interns


Ariel"Interning at the CWRPP fed my craving for more knowledge of the W's history as I was enlisted to help scan the late 1920s yearbooks. I was also able to interview women who graduated from the W 50 or more years ago and learn a new perspective of the university's history through their memories. I hope to hear great things about future interns; anyone working under Dr. Pieschel's watchful eye is sure to learn and grow exponentially! My year as a CWRPP intern was a great addition to my collegiate life!"
Ariel Keon - Class of 2012
Bruce, Mississippi



Catherine"As a recent graduate with a Bachelor's of Arts in History from Mississippi State University, I was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Pieschel and the Center for Women's Research and Public Policy. I helped upload old college catalogs and Meh Lady yearbooks to make them available for public use and knowledge. I am fascinated with history and any documents that express how the common person lived. Making such documents accessible allows anyone the opportunity to create connections to history and how our world functions today. On my last day working with Dr. Pieschel, we had discussed how quickly my generation had to adapt to new technologies and how rapidly information is sent out into the world. Incidentally, I finished scanning a 1902 catalog with an image illustrating how the "modern girl" had access to a sewing machine versus the "girl of 100 years ago." We certainly live in a world of speed and instant gratification, which is why taking the time to learn from our own histories allows us to appreciate and learn from the past."
Catherine Bell - Mississippi State University


Shannon"I consider my internship at the Center for Women's Research and Public Policy to be one of the most valuable experiences of my college career. I learned a lot about the history behind MUW and the women who attended the university in the past. The whole experience opened my eyes to how much work goes into preserving this university's rich history and I felt an instant connection to the alumni's stories about their experiences at MUW. My time at the Women's Center taught me that no matter how far away I am; I will always have a special connection to this university and other alums
Shannon Covington Caraway - Class of 2011
Tupelo, Mississippi



Arielle"During my time as an intern, I learned basic skills such as inputting information about library books, scanning documents, and transcribing old records, but I also got a really cool opportunity to interview the legendary Judge/Dean Mary Libby Bickerstaff Payne about her childhood and her experiences at the "W." Meeting and interviewing Judge Payne showed me the long-term impact that the "W" has on its students and reiterated the importance of enjoying my time at school and respecting its traditions."
Arielle De Gruy, Class of 2011
Madison, Mississippi



Bridget"Writing just a few sentences about what my internship at the CWRPP meant to me stumped me. How can I limit such a profound experience to so few words? I've come to see my work with the CWRPP as the defining aspect of my amazing four years at MUW. From interviewing our beloved Golden Girls to doing research in the CWRPP for my Honors thesis on the women's suffrage movement, my internship made MUW's incredible history real for me. It helped me connect to MUW--to become a true member of the long blue line."
Bridget McAdam - Class of 2010
Memphis, Tennessee



Anne"Center internships focus on accurate journal or diary transcriptions and the process of taking and transcribing oral histories, instilling very valuable primary source research skills, which most students are not exposed to until graduate school. I speak from experience, having transcribed two journals and taken multiple oral histories while at the CWRPP. Not only did I learn how to properly read and transcribe handwritten diaries, but also how to analyze these texts, working with historical context and feminist theory. These research tools, ranging from using federal census records to annotating historical details in the edited transcriptions to writing introductions that explain the importance of recovering these texts, have been invaluable to me in my graduate study."
Anne Franklin Lamar - Class of 2009
Tuscaloosa, Alabama



Amanda"My work for The Center for Women's Research and Public Policy profoundly changed the way I understand and appreciate the powerful legacy of the women who came before me and the women who surround me today. Being in proximity to the Golden Girls project made the link between me and MUW come alive. Because of their stories, the tradition and history of my alma matter are powerful, living things for me. Through interviewing women officers on the Columbus Air Force Base, I saw what it means to be a woman in a predominantly male workforce and learned how gender roles are currently being perpetuated and overcome. Both of these experiences shaped the person that I am today, and for that I am grateful."
Amanda Patterson Weissinger- Class of 2009
Madison, Mississippi



Lydia"I enjoyed every minute of interning at the Center! I loved being able to travel back in time while digitizing MUW's very first yearbooks. I got lost reading about students' lives while attending the W. I imagined myself as one of them and only going home for Christmas, dying my uniforms navy blue, singing in the formal dining hall, and even going on chaperoned dates. Another one of my favorite projects was interviewing United States Air Force female pilots as part of the Women in the Military oral history project. Every person has a story, and it was amazing to be able to record the lives of these women who chose a male-dominated career. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at the CWRPP. If you are given the chance to intern at the CWRPP, take it! It is a decision you will not regret."
Lydia Coffey Pierce - Class of 2009
Hattiesburg, Mississippi



Megan"Interning at the Southern Women's Institute (now the CWRPP) was one of the highlights of my college education. During my internship I learned to work with (and write about) primary historical texts (the diaries of Pauline Ellard Smith) and I had the opportunity to interview and talk with older alumnae of our university. That was probably the most exciting part, because it was like a one-on-one history class from someone who was there! I loved my time at the Center, and I'll use the skills I learned there again and again throughout my career."
Megan Stoner Morgan - Class of 2008
Athens, Georgia



Brandie"Being an intern at the SWI/CWRPP was one of the most rewarding experiences of my time at the W. I am so proud to have played a small part in helping preserve the history of the university and its wonderful alumnae. From working in the archives to transcribing Golden Girl interviews to working on alumna Martha Smith's diary, I look back on those afternoons spent in the Orr Annex as some of the happiest times of my undergraduate days. MUW is incredibly lucky to have such a great resource on campus!"
Brandie Ashe - Class of 2007
Lucedale, Mississippi



Amber"My work with the Oral History Project contributed to one of my most life-changing realizations. When I talked with women ranging from seventy-five to ninety-six and learned that although they had many impressive accomplishments, they were still initiating projects and setting goals, my view of life fundamentally altered. At twenty-six, I thought that I would set goals and then spend the rest of my life working to accomplish them and enjoying the benefits when I did so. However, these amazing women showed me that we continue to grow and change throughout our lives, and I learned to view life as a process that allows me to simultaneously look to the future and enjoy the present. I will be eternally grateful to the Center for giving me the opportunity to have contact with these "W" graduates who influenced my life so completely."
Amber King - Class of 2007
Raymond, Mississippi



Christie"Of everything I participated in while attending MUW, I have to say that working in the Southern Women's Institute was my favorite. While I served as an intern during the summer of 2007, I primarily transcribed and edited oral interviews, but every now and then, while fact-checking for the interviews, I had the opportunity to explore the MUW archives. I always knew that MUW had a fascinating history, but when you are inside the archives surrounded by that history, it brings the legacy to life."
Christie Collins Christian- Class of 2007
Starkville, Mississippi



Valleri"Interning at MUW's Southern Women's Institute, now the Center for Women's Research and Public Policy, was, without a doubt, the pinnacle of my undergraduate career at the W. Reflecting upon all the experiences such as the Golden Girl Oral History Research project, transcribing the oral histories, archiving important documents on the history of the W, and the other various (and FUN!) events that I had the opportunity to contribute to, I realize that it was the one experience that most changed my life and how much I value my education I received from MUW. From the oral histories, I learned to value the the women I met and their courage to further their education at time when it was not necessarily common or accepted of women. Their strength and poise taught me that MUW is a special place, and my internship led to a greater respect for MUW's women focused mission, its beautiful traditions, and most importantly its vital role in women's history."
Valleri Templeton Merrill - Class of 2006
Grand Forks, North Dakota



Sarah"Coming back to the Center to do my Southern Studies graduate school internship was a wonderful experience. I was able to bring what I learned in an oral history class at Ole Miss back and use those skills to help with the Golden Girls Oral Histories. Every interview was different but each one was interesting and exciting with details about "The W" fifty years before I graduated. I am honored to have worked on several of the oral histories in Golden Days."
Sarah Sheffield - Class of 2006
New Orleans, Louisiana