Testing Accommodation

Setting up Testing Accommodations

Requesting accommodations for your tests is a simple process.

Step 1: Request Academic Accommodations

Before you can request Testing Accommodations, you must be registered with the Student Support Specialist for Academic Accommodations. If you have not applied for accommodations, do so now.

Request Academic Accommodations

Need Assistance?

Contact the Student Support Specialist

Call: (662) 329-7138
Email: ssc@muw.edu

Step 2: Contact Student Success Center

If you would like to schedule an accommodated test, please call (662) 329-7138 or email ssc@muw.edu.

All tests should be scheduled at least 5 days before the test.

Step 3: Complete Test Routing Form

After you have contacted the Student Success Center, you must complete the Student Test Routing Form. You should work with your instructor to complete the Faculty Test Routing Form.

A new form will need to be completed for each test needing accommodations.

Student Test Routing Form Faculty Test Routing Form

Step 4: Get Confirmation

The Student Support Specialist will contact you to confirm your test accommodation details.