Accommodations Faculty Information

Faculty responsibilities

  • Understand and adhere to the laws and The W guidelines regarding students and their accommodations
  • Refer students to the Student Support Specialist when appropriate
  • Provide approved accommodations to students registered with the Student Support Specialist
  • Provide approved accommodations in a timely manner
  • Maintain confidentiality of records concerning accommodated students
  • Provide Student Support Specialist with the completed test routing form at least 2 days before the test
  • The SSC must be provided access codes and allowed aids for the test one business day in advance.

Faculty Accommodation FAQs

How will I be notified of my student’s accommodations?

The Student Support Specialist will send you an e-mail informing you of the student’s accommodations. This e-mail will include a pdf version of the plan for your student’s file.

What are my options if I have any questions or concerns regarding the plan?

Within the first 48 hours of the receiving the plan, you are more than welcome to vocalize your concerns. The Student Support Specialist will gladly have an open dialogue to resolve any issue as long as it is within federal guidelines and comfortable to both you and the student.

My student has a test coming up. What am I supposed to do as the instructor?

It is your student’s responsibility to start the form for the test routing process. If you do not receive a e-mail form from that student in your W inbox, then you are not liable. The goal is to encourage students to be independent and responsible for their education. You are expected to fill out the form in a timely manner and return it to the SSC.

A follow up question to test routing: what if my exam is not completed to send to the SSC until the morning of my test date?

You are strongly encouraged to contact the Student Support Specialist and let them know the ETA of the test. To provide the best service, the SSC/professors need to be in active communication to know that the document is on its way. This open communication prevents panic and unnecessary calls/emails.

Who can I speak to about making sure my Canvas shell is accessible?

The Kossen Center for Teaching and Learning has resources available for faculty to ensure their classes are accessible and meet any accommodation requirements. Contact Dr. Sheila Morgan at 241-6423 or