Learning Resource Center

The Nursing LRC is located in Martin Hall, Rooms 311- 312 and is exclusively for the use of the Nursing Department.

It houses a computer lab with 23 terminals for online learning and testing, as well as a media library and a reference library. It also has a large selection of journals, periodicals and research papers.

There are four viewing rooms and a reading room for nursing student and faculty use.

LRC Library

Hours of Operation:

8am – 5pm Monday – Friday
(Except for Holidays)

The Lab, Library and Viewing Rooms may be reserved by Faculty. Please contact for availability and booking.



Computer Lab

  • Please respect your fellow students by keeping the noise level down while using the facilities.
  • There is a printer available. Printing is charged at 10¢ per page. Printing double-sided still counts as 2 pages!
  • Legal paper is available on request, also charged at 10¢ per page.
  • Please recycle unwanted paper, still charged at 10¢ per page.
  • When finished using the computer, please exit out of the Nursing Lab Apps by clicking the X on the top menu and selecting Power Off.
  • Food and Drink is NOT allowed in the Computer Lab.

Library and Library Materials

  • Cataloged Reference and Media material is NOT allowed out of the LRC, unless requested by a faculty member.
  • All Reference materials should be returned to the correct shelf location after use.
  • Library catalogs are available online or in hard copy in the LRC on request.
  • Food and drink is allowed in the Student Library. Please put trash in the cans provided.

Viewing Rooms

  • Water is allowed in the Viewing Rooms, NO FOOD.
  • Media for viewing will be pulled for you by the LRC Coordinator. Once viewed, please rewind all VHS and switch off all equipment. Return remotes to the LRC Coordinator.
Two nursing students work on a simulated patient
Six nursing students in a simulation lab
Nursing students in a classroom

Helpful Tips

Before taking an online test or exam, switch your computer off and then back on. This will reset it to a clean state and prevent hang ups. ITS will be very grateful!
If you do not have a home printer and need printouts for class, plan ahead. The printer can get overloaded easily if too many people are trying to print at once.
If participating in a contingency plan class, come prepared with paper, writing implement and stapler or paper clips.
The Lab will close promptly at 5pm. Plan accordingly.

Contact the Learning Resource Center

Telephone: (662) 329-7367

Location: 312 Martin Hall

Mailing Address:

Nursing Learning Resource Center
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Mississippi University for Women
1100 COLLEGE St., MUW-910
Columbus, MS 39701-5800