BSN Generic Option

The Baccalaureate Program in Nursing is designed to prepare a nurse generalist who exercises leadership in the prevention of illness and promotion of health as a member of the community and professional nursing and as an agent of change who helps to bring about modifications of nursing practice to meet emerging health needs. This is consistent with the belief that the professional nurse will be prepared to function as a generalist, a leader, and a change agent. Graduates of this program will have the educational foundation to pursue advanced study such as the master's degree or the BSN-to-DNP pathway.

Nursing students outdoors

The faculty recognize the role of the professional nurse is changing and expanding with emphasis placed on the prevention of illness, maintenance of health, and an increasing responsibility in the management of long-term and terminal disruptions to health. The professional nurse is assuming more responsibility for interdependent practice based upon a broader theoretical foundation in all areas of health care. Research is used to enhance the quality of client care and to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing practice. There is an increased demand for the nurse to assume a more active role as change agent in the development of legislation relevant to practice and the health of the community. The nurse serves as a client advocate providing nursing care through collaborative interactions with the client and other members of the health care team. The faculty believe that the practice of nursing will continue to be influenced by the evolution of new knowledge and the alteration of social structure.

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