RN to BSN Prerequisite Courses

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English Composition I (3 hrs.)
English Composition II (3 hrs.)
Oral Communication (3 hrs.)
A&P I or Anatomy (4 hrs.)
A&P II or Physiology (4 hrs.)
Microbiology (4 hrs.)
Pathophysiology for Nursing (3 hrs.) 1
History Survey (3 hrs.) - U.S., Western, or World Civilization (I or II)
Literature Survey (3 hrs.) - English, American, or World Literature (I or II)
Fine Arts Appreciation (3 hrs.) - Art, Music, Theatre, or Dance Appreciation
A second course in one of the following categories:
History, Literature, or Fine Arts Appreciation course (3 hrs.) – select from above
Any Philosophy (non-religion) course, Logic, or Ethics (3 hrs.)
(NU 204 Healthcare Ethics across the Lifespan offered at The W will meet this requirement.)
Nutrition (3 hrs.)
Quantifying Skills (6 hrs required)
One class must be pure mathematics at the 113 level or higher
MA 113 College Algebra or above
MA 123 Statistics 2
Computer application or programing class (Computer in Healthcare or MIS Info systems)
Psychology (3 hrs.)
General academic electives (11 hrs.) 3
Copy of ACT scores (check with your high school or act.org)

Total number of prerequisite hours: 62


Minimum grade of 'C' required in each course .

If entering with 12 hours of remaining prerequisites, the suggested plan of study for the full-time program recommends taking 6 hours of electives in the fall (including patho), 3 hours in the spring, and 3 hours in the summer. If entering with 12 hours of remaining prerequisites, the suggested plan of study for the part-time program recommends taking 3 hours of electives in the summer (including patho) and 3 hours of electives in 3 of the remaining 4 semesters.

1 Pathophysiology for Nursing may be taken along with the first semester nursing courses. return

2 MA 123 Statistics is recommended for students who wish to pursue graduate studies. return

3 Electives may be any transferrable academic hours of your choice. return