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About Mississippi Governor's School


Who attends MGS

Mississippi Governor’s School (MGS) is designed to provide creative, academic, and leadership experiences for a limited number of rising high school juniors and seniors who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and achievement, community involvement, and high intellectual, creative, and leadership potential.

What the program does

Each summer, MGS brings together these high-potential learners from across the state for a two-week program that blends cultural, academic, social, and recreational components into a rich and natural learning environment. Unlike many traditional schools, the Governor’s School model emphasizes interactions between formal and informal learning. The community of scholars created by MGS inspire in each other a discovery of self, a love of learning, and a desire to use their gifts and talents to improve society.

How the program works

The MGS curriculum varies from session to session as a matter of necessity, flexibility, and growth. MGS accepts new course proposals each year from university faculty and educators from across the state and beyond. Past courses have explored literary analysis, creative writing, astronomy, fractal geometry, ballroom dancing, historical research, entomology, and philosophy (just to name a few). In addition to MGS courses, scholars participate in a jam-packed schedule of personal development activities, team-building games, recreational activities, and more.