Columbus, Mississippi – The School of Education at The W (Mississippi University for Women) celebrated excellence and achievement at its Awards Day event.

Awards Day is an opportunity to honor the exceptional accomplishments of our School of Education community, showcasing our commitment to fostering excellence, leadership, and lifelong learning in education,” said Dr. Marty Hatton, Dean of the School of Education. 

The ceremony, held on April 17th, celebrated the outstanding contributions of students throughout their undergraduate education experiences. Significantly, The W’s education programs distinguish themselves through their Residency courses, providing students with unparalleled classroom experience compared to other programs in the state. These courses are integrated alongside academic classes, facilitating a cohesive block schedule that empowers students to apply newly acquired pedagogical skills in practical, hands-on learning environments in area classrooms.

Congratulations to all of our students for their outstanding achievements. The W is known for turning out top-notch educators in our region who are ready to serve our communities. We are proud of each of you for your dedication to being the best teacher possible,” said Dr. Bob Fuller, Chair of the School of Education.

Awards were given to the most outstanding students in early childhood, the four elementary education blocks, and the elementary and secondary internships. Nominations are based on an exceptional all-around student model. Faculty members and residency mentor teachers submitted nominations and narratives for candidates within their respective semester academic blocks. Student nominations were based on: personal characteristics (energy level, enthusiasm, cooperation, scholarship, character, initiative, overall general attitude), professional characteristics (professional attitude & poise, enthusiasm for teaching, self-confidence, evidence of growth & improvement), skills in methodology (classroom management, methods & techniques, lesson planning, knowledge of subject matter, skills in student evaluation, discipline toward students). All currently teaching faculty voted for the overall outstanding students.

Immediately following the awards program, students could visit and interview with regional schools for career and job placements.

The W consistently produces highly skilled teacher candidates who excel in their profession, setting a standard of excellence that surpasses other programs. We are thankful for our students, faculty, and staff who set the bar high to create leaders in the field of education,” said Hatton. 

Early Childhood Education

Alesia Shambry – Outstanding Overall Student

Elizabeth Franks

Block 1

Clara Baggett – Outstanding Overall Student  

Mallory Dabbs

Sierra Poire

Block 2

Kayla Branham

Audrey Foreman

Emily Goss – Outstanding Overall Student  

Reagan Greenhaw

Madison Lee

Laila Luckett

Diamond Rayford

Allison Sprouse

Melanie Vice

Block 3

Haylie Crimm

Madison Evans

Macie Manasco

Harrison Powell – Outstanding Overall Student  

Cally Thompson


Kaitlyn Bass

Carol Ferrell

Miranda Flippo – Outstanding Overall Student  

Natalie Frazier

Harley Holsonback

Aliyah Howell

Laura McBrayer

Abigail O’Rand

Secondary Internship

Autumn Bigham – Outstanding Overall Student  

Olivia Eubanks

Early Childhood  

Jayde Richardson – Outstanding Overall Student

Block 1

Audrey Foreman

Emily Goss

Reagan Greenhaw

Sydney Linton

Laila Luckett

Chloe Minich

Diamond Rayford

Allison Sprouse – Outstanding Overall Student

Block 2

Morgan Aldridge

Haylie Crimm – Outstanding Overall Student

Madison Baucom

Madison Evans

Macie Manasco

Andrea Potterf

Harrison Powell

Block 3

Aliyah Howell

Macey Crawford – Outstanding Overall Student

Abbie Graves


Katlyn Bowles

Ka’Tanja Hall – Outstanding Overall Student

Sidney Linton

Meaghan Vines


Shakia Butler – Outstanding Overall Student

For media inquiries, please contact:

Anna Wood or Penny Mansell

Center for Education Support Mississippi University for Women



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