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The PHILL (Phil Hardin Innovative Learning Lab) is a $300,000 multi-year project to upgrade physical learning spaces, improve technology, and participate in collaborative professional development on-site. We are currently in PHASE 2 of the PHILL Project.

Tables and study spaces in the PHILL

Phase 2 will add the technology to provide methods for learners to interact in a synchronous online and in-person delivery method. All teacher candidates can practice their craft using scientifically-based research in the Collaboratory and children of all ages can participate in place-based learning enrichment activities. In spring 2024, The PHILL will roll out additional quality professional development opportunities for Mississippi educators.

Room 124 was originally the Phil Hardin Laboratory for Home Economics in 1973. The entire first floor of EDHS is now the PHILL and will be used as a creative and flexible learning and meeting space, primarily supporting early educators. After 50 years, it’s phenomenal that we’ve been able to come full circle with another Phil Hardin project that will impact our student success. We are hopeful that these new and innovative spaces will help us recruit our next generation of educators and give existing teachers a positive place to build relationships and expand their skills.

The project is sponsored by the Phil Hardin Foundation.