Host Continuing Education Unit Workshops

Are you interested in hosting a workshop? Let us help you award CEUs for participation and attendance!

Sponsor a workshop or conference for CEU credit

Agencies wishing to sponsor a workshop or conference for CEU credit from The W must follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Complete a CEU Request Form.
  2. Submit the Request form at least two weeks before the workshop is offered, along with an agenda for the program that includes a breakdown of contact hours and the facilitator’s resume or vita. If the program is approved, the Office of Professional Learning will notify the agency requesting by email.
  3. Participants who do not attend for the required hours (10 hours for every CEU) will not receive full credit for that conference or workshop. MUW will not award CEUs for workshops less than 5 hours in length.

CEU Request Form 

For participants to receive a CEU Certificate

  1. Upon the workshop or conference completion, participants should receive a link from the program facilitator to apply for CEUs. Participants must use the link to sign-up/log in to our system.
  2. Once logged in, participants will find the name of the workshop or conference they attended and click "Get this course." After submitting the $20.00 CEU fee, participants will be asked to type their names to verify their attendance. After the Office of Professional Learning has confirmed the participant's attendance with the program facilitator, the participant will receive a PDF version of their CEU certificate, which can be downloaded anytime.
  3. For one-time workshops and events, the CEU application should be submitted within one month of program completion. For instance, if the workshop ends on November 3, the participant has until December 3 to submit their application.
  4. If the application is for a school district’s professional development program, the deadline to receive credit is October 1st of the next school year.

Design a Course

Interested in helping us expand our offerings? You can share your expertise and design a CEU-awarding course for the Professional Learning Academy. Design a Course