Sandra Meek

author of Still

Friday, October 23, 2:50 p.m.

Sandra Meek returns to the symposium with her seventh book of poems, Still, a collection of poems on art and natural artifacts that Library Journal haspraised as “equal parts thought-provoking, language-drunk, and innately challenging.” Arranged in four “cabinets” mimicking the Renaissance cabinets of curiosities, the collection shows the reader the gleanings of her travels and her reflections on the human and the natrual world. Meek is the author of six previous collections of poetry, An Ecology of Elsewhere, Road ScatterBiogeographyBurn, and Nomadic Foundations. She is also the editor of an anthology, Deep Travel: Contemporary American Poets Abroad. She is Co-founding Editor of Ninebark Press, Director of the Georgia Poetry Circuit, Poetry Editor of the Phi Kappa Phi Forum, and Dana Professor of English, Rhetoric, and Writing at Berry College.

Still cover

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