Beth Kander

author of the Original Syn Trilogy

Saturday, October 24, 11:20 a.m.

Beth Kander will read from her sci-fi trilogy Original Syn.  In a not-too-distant future, humans have synthesized their bodies with technology, creating Syns, a race that is virtually immortal, while the Originals who spurned the singularity, struggle to survive outside Syn society and resist the eugenics aimed against them. Other titles in the series are Born in Syn and Syn and Salvation, scheduled for release Oct. 15.Kander is a graduate of The W’s MFA in Creative Writing. Besides writing fiction, Kander is a celebrated playwright with six published playscripts, including The Bottle Tree, Hazardous Materials, and The Blue. She has been the playwright in residence at the Ashland New Plays Festival, and her plays have been performed at New Stage Theatre, Fondren Theatre Workshop, and Stage Left Theatre, among many others.

Original Syn cover

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