Emergency Fund Application

Application Process

Students who are in need of emergency financial assistance may submit an online application and along with supporting documentation. The submitted application will be reviewed by a select group of faculty and staff members in a confidential manner and the appropriate funding amount will be determined. Funds distributed do not generally exceed $350.00. Applicants may be contacted by phone or email to request additional information.

If you are currently receiving financial aid, please be aware that receiving funding from the Student Emergency Fund may affect your future aid packages. The fund is not a substitute for financial aid. Students who are seeking funding will be required to utilize all offered financial aid resources before being awarded emergency aid. The Financial Aid Office will work directly with the emergency fund applicants to determine the effect of the award. For additional information regarding your Financial Aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at (662)329-7114.

For additional information regarding the online application process, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (662) 329-7114.

Please note, this form is only active when the university is in session.

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