Financial Stability

Let's Talk Money

The University understands that unexpected emergencies can cause significant stress and impact on a student's academic success and personal well-being. Help may come in a variety of forms.
Student Emergency Fund assists W students by providing financial support when assistance is needed to cover unexpected emergency expenses surrounding situations such as accidents, illness, fire damage, etc.
A financial aid package can include a wide variety of funding: Scholarships, Grants, Work-Study, and Loans. This financial aid can be used to cover more than tuition, financial aid can also be used to cover Room (housing), Board (food), books, computers, and other essentials for your studies. Talk with our financial aid office to see if there are additional financial aid opportunities you are missing.
The W offers two types of student employment opportunities: Federal Work-Study and Institutional Student Employment. These part-time jobs on campus can provide you with some extra resources and work around your class schedule.
For some, a bank account of their own is the first step toward financial independence. MUWFCU is a federal credit union managed by members of The W community. The credit union is located on campus and available to students, faculty, and staff.
The federal government now offers discounts on Internet services for people of limited income or how are enrolled or qualify for certain government programs.