Pregnant & Parenting Students

Pregnant and Parenting Student Rights

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex — including pregnancy, parenting and all related conditions — in education and in programs and activities that receive federal funding. If you are a pregnant or parenting student, you have the right to stay in school so you can meet your education and career goals. Below are some frequently asked questions from students in post-secondary schools regarding their Title IX rights.

Childcare Resources

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What if I am having difficulty in one of my classes due to pregnancy?

You should speak with your professor first about the situation. If you are still having difficulty and are in need of accommodations; contact the Student Support Specialist, at 662-329-7138.

Student Accommodations

What if classmates or professors have made offensive comments to me about my pregnancy?

The University prohibits gender-based harassment, including harassment based on pregnancy. If you experience this sort of treatment, you should seek help immediately and report it to the Title IX Coordinator. The law prohibits anyone from retaliating against you for filing a complaint or raising a concern.

File A Report

What if I am having difficulty with the stress between school and life?

Mississippi University for Women has resources and administrators that can help. For more information, call the Counseling Center to see what services are available. The Counseling Center can be contacted at (662) 329-7748.

Counseling Center

What if I am a breastfeeding mother – does The W provide lactation rooms?

Yes. Mississippi University for Women does provide lactation rooms. These rooms are located in:

  • Cochran Hall – Room 311
  • Education Building – Room 121D