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W Books Plus Instructor Guide

Moving Course Materials

Question: Are students charged for courses with no texts or materials?

Answer: Students will be charged for classes that are non-instructional (e.g., internships, practica, preceptorships, independent study) initially, but these courses will be coded for accounting purposes so that the charges will be reversed back to the student.

Question: How long do students have to opt-out?

Answer: Students will receive an email notifying them of their options for W Books Plus at the beginning of the semester and the opt-out period begins 15 days prior to the start of the semester and closes after the 10th day of class for spring and fall semester. The pricing should be a flat rate of $20 per credit hour.

Question: Are students able to retain a copy of electronic resources that are used in multiple courses?

Answer: Physical and Digital materials are not retained across semesters. Physical books obtained through W Books + should be returned to the Bookend at the end of the semester or can be purchased by paying the remainder of the purchase fee. Digital materials are deactivated at the conclusion of the course.

Question: What do I do if I have edition changes for my text?
Answer: Be aware if your adoption has updated editions. We recommend using current editions of required textbooks. It may not be possible to acquire sufficient copies of old and out of print editions for the class.

Question: What if there is no ISBN in the Adoption Insights Portal (AIP) for the text I want to assign?
Answer: Contact the bookstore first. Barnes and Noble will work with the publishers to get the correct information for your adoption. Publishers do not have the ability to provide all the different formats of content that faculty request at the lowest price possible. MUW has contracted with Barnes and Noble exclusively to provide textbooks on campus.

Question: How do I communicate that my course requires technical supplies or kits?
Answer: If your course requires a tech item (i.e. kits) please communicate your needs via adoptions. Place the item required in the “notes to bookstore section” of the adoption. Technical supplies and other items need to be tied to a course.

Question: What if I need to change the material that I’ve adopted for a course?
Answer: If a faculty member changes their course material adoption, faculty should notify the bookstore of the new adoption, and the bookstore will ensure that students receive the corrected course materials. Please note depending on the date of change, it may cause a delay in getting materials to the student.

Question: What if my teaching assignment changes?
Answer: The bookstore is committed to helping as they normally do in those situations. Faculty should contact the bookstore and the KCTL to work to update the adoption with the new materials.

If I adopt Open Education Resources or don’t require a textbook, do my students still have to pay the fee?
Answer: Yes, WBooks+ cost is calculated per student credit hour, so unless the student opts out of the entire program, the fee will remain the same whether material has been adopted through AIP or not. Students will pay for the total number of credits taken a semester, not by the number of courses utilizing the program. Students have the option to opt out for all classes in their term.

Question: I’m requiring an electronic access like Mindtap or an ebook for a class. How will my students get within the WBOOKS+ textbook program?
Answer: Access will be provided directly through the course materials link in Canvas. If your class is using such material, you will receive separate notification before class starts to make sure your course materials link is activated and that your courseware modules are set up for student success. There will be some printed/email access codes provided from publishers who have not yet integrated with our program.

Question: What does the WBOOKS+ experience look like to a student?
Answer: Undergraduate and Graduate SOE/MBA students will be automatically enrolled in WBOOKS+ program when they enroll in classes. 30 days before classes start, they will receive a link via their official student myapps email to verify their order and select a delivery preference for their printed material. Integrated electronic course access will be available to them on the first day of class if required. Students will receive an email from Barnes and Noble notifying them of the digital materials adopted for their class.

● Here is a video walkthrough of a general student experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=OoI9TC7vrAo&feature=youtu.be