About the Kossen Center

Our Mission

The Connie and Tom Kossen Center for Teaching & Learning promotes teaching excellence at Mississippi University for Women. A collaborative and welcoming learning community, the Kossen Center prompts reflection and conversation about teaching and facilitates opportunities for staff and faculty to develop a better understanding of how we learn. The Kossen Center values evidence-based practices that promote learning both in and out of the classroom with the ultimate goal of creating opportunities for engaged and enthusiastic learning.

The Kossen Center does not seek to impose a single pedagogical approach on the university’s faculty, but rather celebrates and draws from the rich diversity of teaching styles practiced on campus. We ensure that the campus stays up to date on the newest ideas and trends in educational practice through faculty members bringing in new ideas from outside contacts and the Kossen Center’s staff seeking out new approaches in higher education. By fostering communication and conversation between disciplines, the Kossen Center acts as a campus hub for the exchange of ideas related to teaching and professional development.

Instructors of all experience and expertise- from senior tenured professors to adjuncts, from those who are thriving and those who are struggling- are welcome to participate. Faculty from all fields and career stages are encouraged to attend workshops and make use of the Kossen Center’s resources and services. Beyond pedagogical assistance, the Kossen Center also provides training and support for classroom technology and software and further professional development for faculty through grant writing workshops..


Russell Brandon
PHONE: (662) 241-6127
EMAIL: rdbrandon@muw.edu
Dr. Sheila Morgan
Instructional Designer / Instructor
PHONE: (662) 241-6423
EMAIL: snmorgan1@muw.edu