About the Mississippi Governor's School

The Mississippi Governor's School (MGS) is a residential honors program established in 1981 by Governor William F. Winter and the faculty and administration at Mississippi University for Women (The W).

The MGS is designed to provide academic, creative, and leadership experiences for a limited number of rising high school juniors and seniors who have demonstrated exceptional ability and achievement in academics and community involvement and who show high intellectual, creative, and leadership potential.

Each summer, the MGS brings together high potential learners from across the state of Mississippi for a two-week residential collegiate experience that blends cultural, academic, social, and recreational components into a rich and natural learning environment.

MGS ScholarsOne feature that distinguishes the governor's school model from traditional models of learning is the emphasis on the interaction between formal and informal learning which often results in more autonomous and self-reflective learners.

The community of interaction created by the MGS program inspires the love of learning, discovery of self, and the desire to use gifts and talents to improve society. Since its establishment, the MGS has provided approximately 3,500 students from across the state of Mississippi with a high quality educational experience that has challenged them to grow as individuals.


The MGS Curriculum

Governor's SchoolThe curriculum for the MGS is developed each year based on course proposals submitted by university faculty and other educators from Mississippi and other states.

Using Humanities, the Arts, Science and Mathematics, and their interrelatedness as a forum, major courses examine the relationships between the application of knowledge and the social, economic, political, environmental, cultural, and educational issues facing a changing world.

Past interest area course topics include scuba diving, photography, chorale, sports business, and culinary arts.

In addition to a major course and an interest course, the MGS scholars engage in leadership and personal development activities, team-building games, recreational activities such as dances, improvisational comedy, dinner theatre, a talent show, and more.

The MGS curriculum strives to provide a truly unique growth experience that is both rewarding and fun.


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