Every year the MUW Alumni Association and the MUW Star and Scepter Chapter of Mortar Board conduct a campus-wide election to select MUW’s Faculty Member of the Year.

This Award, which is announced at graduation and includes a $1000 grant from the MUW Alumni Association, is highly coveted. It honors those faculty members who exhibit excellence in teaching, advising, and professional activities, in particular those who go beyond all expectations to support MUW’s students and academic programs.

Who’s Eligible?

Only full-time MUW faculty members are eligible and must be nominated by one other full-time faculty member and three currently enrolled, full-time students.

Faculty who have received the award in the previous DECADE are not eligible, including Ms. Janice Giallourakis (2013), Ms. Mary Jo Kirkpatrick (2014), Dr. Kim Whitehead (2015), Ms. Tammie McCoy (2016), Dr. Erin Kempker (2017), Dr. Sheila Adams (2018), Dr. Meagan Wood (2019), Dr. Kelly Bennett (2020), Dr. Donna Williams (2021), and Ms. Ashley Chisholm, Esq. (2022).

How Do I Submit a Nomination?

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, April , 2023 and may be submitted electronically or in person.

HARD COPY SUBMISSIONS. If you prefer to print a nomination form and coordinate with others to nominate a candidate, you may download the hard copy form below. You must collect all nominators’ original signatures and submit the form to Mortar Board Sponsor Chanley Rainey via campus mail (MUW Box #1634) or by slipping the form under her office door (Room #212c, Painter Hall). Completed hard copy forms may also be scanned and sent as an email attachment to Dr. Chanley Rainey at cerainey@muw.edu