Master of Arts in Women's Leadership

Master of Arts in

Leading the Charge

Developing and understanding women's leadership requires a foundational knowledge of leadership theory, and practical skills. The M.A. in Women's Leadership combines a first-rate education with a highly qualified, supportive multi-disciplinary faculty, hands-on experience, and career-enhancing skills.

This graduate degree will be interdisciplinary and although students will study theoretical backgrounds, the degree will emphasize application and experiential learning. Study and application of women's leadership principles give graduate students the opportunity to use knowledge of women's issues as a vital force for change in today's world.

At the heart of this degree is a women's leadership practicum requirement. The practicum affords unique opportunities far beyond the walls of the classroom in women's centers, businesses, non-profits, community arts councils and museums, legal offices, domestic violence shelters and more. A commitment to improving the social, economic, and public policies supporting women is a more important admission criterion than a background in a particular academic discipline.

Dr. Shahara'Tova Dente receives the Diversity Educator of the Year award from the President and the chairs of the DEI council.

Interdisciplinary Approach

This interdisciplinary program will provide research opportunities and educational exposure to leadership theory, multiple perspectives and cross-disciplinary scholarship modeled by faculty at The W who are already experts in research and publication on women's issues in health, education, law, history, literature, management, entrepreneurship, medicine, and government. This program will offer courses taught by graduate-qualified faculty from all four colleges at The W.

Students will a) gain a broad foundation in leadership theory, b) study the historical background, public perceptions and policies affecting the lives of women and girls, c) will learn skills in developing personal and institutional leadership, and d) will complete an action project connected to their selected area of emphasis.

Academic Program

Opportunities to Lead

There are a variety of opportunities to work with existing programming at The W. For example, WS graduate students will help plan and implement Mississippi N.E.W. Leadership programs for undergraduate women in partnership with The W's Center for Outreach and Innovation, the Center for Women's Research and Public Policy and the federal Stennis Center for Public Policy, and will be active mentors in The W Leadership Program.

Another practicum option will be to develop content modules for the bipartisan women's "READY TO RUN" program in partnership with the Stennis Institute for Government at MSU.

Master's candidates may also partner with senior women's studies majors and minors in projects, promoting both mentorship and collaborative research.

Graduate student Kudzai Munyavi moderates a conversation with Anastasia Curwood at the Martha Swain Lecture Series

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