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About the URC

The Undergraduate Research Conference is a yearly event to showcase the on-going, in-progress, and proposed work of undergraduates across campus. Students who participate are eligible for a cash prize, given to projects that demonstrate excellence in different categories of research.

2021 URC

Previous URC Abstracts

2021 URC Program

Conference Winners

The students who received excellence in research distinctions from the 2019 URC are:

  • Overall Winner: Morrigan Hollis
  • 1st in Long Term Research: Sagarina Thapa
  • 2nd in Long Term Research: Katherine Morgan
  • 1st in Short Term Research: John Jacob Miller
  • 2nd in Short Term Research: Michael Kinnick
  • 1st in Proposed Research: Micaela Guyton and Leah Bentley
  • 1st in Poster: Diptika Raut
  • 2nd in Poster: Demyia Graham
  • 1st in Oral Presentation: Maddy Norgard
  • 2nd in Oral Presentation: Lexi Fowler
  • 3rd in Oral Presentation: Gwynnedra Vance